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Promoting Your Estate & Lettings Agents

With the rise of the internet, advertising properties becomes more and more competitive by the day – With Outdoor advertising you can target specific postcodes, meaning you’re speaking to your exact audience.

Can you imagine having the ability to advertise in and only in the exact areas where your customers are located? Well, now you can! Contact our team to see what advertising opportunities we have in your customer’s area or see the three most successful ways of postcode targeting below.

Top Tips for Advertising Your Estate & Lettings Agents

  1. Understand who your audience is
  2. Target the areas you know where they will be
  3. Target competitors
  4. Use Social Media to build trust and brand awareness
  5. Have an easy to use website that inspires and drives leads
  6. Maximise the effectiveness of your campaign combining the power of OOH with digital – Geolocate & Printt 

Customer Postcode

iQ Lettings deliberately advertised on digital bus stops which were positioned in student postcode areas. Here’s what they had to say about their campaign:

“The sites we decided to go with reflected the areas we were trying to target with the most student population. “Outdoor increased our visibility in Glasgow, in the key areas that we thought would be applicable to students. We have definitely generated bookings off the back of the activity”.

iQ Student Accommodation Digital Roadside Advertising
iQ Student Accommodation Digital Bus Stop Advertising
Digital Screen Advertising

High traffic postcodes

X1 Lettings knew exactly who their target audience was and Clear Channel knew just how to introduce the X1 brand to them. Using audience insight data (Route), X1 handpicked specific advertisement sites, located on key arterial routes, reaching their potential customers walking and driving past every day.

“We saw a significant increase in telephone leads and traffic to our student landing pages on the website increased. This carried on post campaign and    we noticed a number of returning visitors to the website.”

“Clear Channel will continue to be a part of our marketing strategy for the foreseeable future. Not only due to attractive site locations but also the ease of the booking process and the working relationship enjoyed.


Competitor’s postcode

Directing new customers to your business is one thing but directing new customers away from your competitor’s business first is something else! The ability to advertise in specific postcode areas means that you can even target your competitor’s postcode.

Imagine your brand right outside your competitor’s front door! This is exactly what estate agency, Indigo Property did. Using bus stops, digital billboards and phone boxes, Indigo placed their posters close to their competitor’s branches, marketing indigo’s recently opened, nearby branch and directing customers away from their competitors.


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