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It may well be that you’ve never booked Outdoor before and are unsure on exactly how it works or, you may be interested in how your client’s artwork could change automatically in response to a change in weather; creating higher contextuality and so engagement.. We’re here to provide the best option for both your client and yourself!

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Huge reach

UK Map showing Clear Channel's 88% UK reachOur panels stretch straight across the UK reaching all audiences – our Adshel classic bus shelter posters alone reach 80% of the UK population; delivering the highest impact than any other media in 11/13 TV regions!

Are you targeting retail shoppers? We have digital screens in 40 of the UK’s leading shopping centres. Grocery shoppers? We have digital screens at Sainsbury’s & Asda! Targeting people out socialising? Use any of our 800 screens in pubs & bars across the UK!

Use our interactive audience guide to find out more.

The #1 digital provider

Gary Lineker walkers twitter clear channel bus shelter tweet to eatClear Channel has more digital panels than any other media provider in the UK! Providing your clients the ability to engage with their audience in towns and cities across the country. Our digital formats: Adshel Live (digital bus shelters), billboardssupermarkets, shopping centres, phoneboxes and pubs & bars.

We’re sure you’d like to know what’s possible… Touchscreens, facial recognition, Tweet activated vending machine digital screens, weather responsive artwork, motion-sensor activated artwork and the list goes on! Got an idea? Let’s bring it to life!

Have you heard of Play IQ? Programmatic? Play IQ is Clear Channel’s revolutionary digital booking programme. It’s what allows advertisers to instantly book by time, day and audience.

Quick, straightforward communications & bookings

Clear Channel UK mapThrough our work with hundreds of agencies we know efficiency and simplicity are key. You will have two contacts here handling your account – your rep and your delivery team member. Your rep will be your point of contact for discussion of briefs and your allocated delivery team member will be booking the sites for you.

Do you know which panels you want to book and when? Great, send the info straight through to your delivery member who’ll check the availability and get the sites booked.

Access to the latest research & data

When planning any campaign, we use all of the data tools at our disposal.Sky cycling bus shelter panel

  • Is your client targeting affluent young mothers within a certain area? We know where they’re going to be, the times they’re going to be there and the days of the week.
  • Perhaps your client would like to target areas in the country where consumers spend more on bikes and associated products? We know that in Bristol the average spend is 20% higher than the UK average.

Provide us with a brief and in return we’ll provide you with the solution that will drive engagement.

Information on how Outdoor works with & against other media

The difference in audience reach between outdoor, radio and pressAt Clear Channel we know how many people see our panels so we know the exact spend per thousand people reached. Using research on other media such as press, radio, online and TV, we can provide insight on how Clear Channel compare and how we can boost the reach of a campaign for the same spend.


Clear Channel Geo Locate Elgin place special offerCampaign Enhancement – Mobile device usage has been on the continuous up and now accounts for a staggering 50% of internet traffic and we’ve positioned ourselves perfectly to maximise campaign effectiveness and audience engagement. Have a read through our campaign enhancers to find out more.

Poster Search – Our industry leading tool allows you to browse around the UK on our interactive map to find the perfect panels for your clients!

Saving the most exciting for last… The Playground – A creative space in our Soho office showcasing some amazing campaigns we’ve run where you can come in for a tour and bounce ideas around with our team.

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