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How to Raise Awareness in Your Local Area

Outdoor advertising is a tried and tested method of reaching out to your community; raising awareness and driving behavioural change.

Recruiting foster parents? Encouraging residents to recycle? Promoting the use of public transport?

Whatever you need to promote and whomever you need to reach, Clear Channel can help. Outdoor advertising delivers less wastage and is arguably more impactful than newspapers or radio. Just think how large a billboard or bus shelter is and the scale of audience reach. Outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the adult population every week.

This is why we have worked with hundreds of public sector partners on campaigns across the UK. We have access to a range of audience planning tools which will help maximise your budget and make every penny of your budget work harder for you. Want to reach specific audiences? Tell us and we’ll put together a campaign to help you achieve your objectives.

Falkirk Council Bus Shelter Advertising

Working with your sector

We have worked with Public Sector partners including councils, fire brigades, the NHS and police forces.

Lincoln Council


Recycling in Portsmouth, reducing car use in Falkirk, paperless billing in Lincoln, encouraging fostering in Wigan, keeping fit in Liverpool and encouraging voter registration across the UK.

South Yorks Fire and Rescue

Fire Brigade

Clear Channel is pleased to have worked with many Fire Brigades highlighting key community announcements such as Fire Prevention and Fire Safety key tips, Secondary Fires caused by overloading plug sockets and cooking after a night out.

Bristol Community Health


Screening, Check-ups and Flu-jabs are just some of the areas that the NHS has chosen to work with Clear Channel on. More recently, the NHS has utilised the key planning tools available to recruit nurses within close proximity to local hospitals.

West Midlands Police

Police Forces

Campaigns on drink driving in Northumberland, safer roads in Yorkshire and reducing gun crime in the West Midlands.

Things to consider when running an awareness campaign

  1. Will your budget be utilised to its maximum potential?
  2. Understanding different audiences within your catchment area
  3. Using planning tools to reach specific demographics – when they’re receptive
  4. Projected results of using one media vs another – or how several medias will work together
  5. No wastage advertising in ineffective areas
  6. How does this campaign affect all of your stakeholders?

Cost effective and less wastage

Outdoor advertising broadcasts your message to the audience you want to reach. You can localise your campaign down to postcodes. Therefore, we can be more cost effective for you and your organisation; optimising your budget and increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

With our audience planning tools, including Route, you will also be able to prove how many people will actually see your campaign.

Find locations in your area

Use our poster search tool and see what advertising opportunities we have in your city, town, village and even your specific postcode.

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