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How to Promote Recruitment Campaigns

Recruitment Advertising

Hiring people. It’s trickier than you’d expect. You’ve tried LinkedIn. Received hundreds of replies, 99.9% of whom aren’t suitable… Newspapers don’t bring in the quality responses they used to… Social is difficult to get right. Outdoor advertising could transform the way you recruit.

You can use specific sites within close proximity to your location and reach people on multiple occasions throughout the day.

Digital Outdoor is another option and will deliver more flexibility. You can advertise on specific days or times and you can even change your creative.

Top things to think about when recruiting –

  1. Understand who you’re looking to target and where you can reach them
  2. Make your advertising smarter – where will people travel from? Do certain areas have better transport links
  3. Is there an area with a high concentration of the people you’re looking to recruit e.g. industrial estate for HGV drivers
  4. Measurability – you’ll be using a mix of things to recruit – make sure you understand which method is the most effective
  5. Sell the job – inspire people – allow them to visualise themselves at that company


This year we’ve carried numerous campaigns from police forces. These include Bedfordshire and Merseyside Police. We’ve even displayed a campaign looking for a Police and Crime Commissioner.

Nurses & Carers

Our ability to target specific areas and our position in the heart of communities ensured we have carried campaigns for various health organisations across the UK.

Call Centre Staff

A high impact Bus Shelter and Billboard campaign across key areas in Glasgow for We Are Kura. Provided maximum exposure to drive recruitment and raise company profile.

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