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How to Promote Your Charity

When promoting your charity every penny counts – discover how you can effectively engage with your audience; driving awareness and fundraising.

Charities aren’t your average organisation – the whole reason for their existence is driven by social good and each campaign must deliver a message that resonates with its audience, driving engagement and change.

The below will provide insights as to how Outdoor advertising has raised awareness at events, attracted press coverage, increased fundraising and very importantly, influenced behavioural change.

Inspire yourself with our success stories and the charity campaign gallery!

Dogs Trust charity advertising on Trinity Way digital billboard

Charities using technology

Cancer research UK clear channel tap to donate campaign

Extraordinary campaigns creating instant engagement with their audiences –

‘Tap this window to beat Cancer sooner’

Using contactless technology Cancer Research UK set up donation windows’ at stores where passers by could instantly donate £2. This campaign won the ‘Best use of innovation’ 2016 award.

‘Every day a child is diagnosed with Cancer’

Using real-time tech, Barncancer Fonden created a jaw-dropping campaign; increasing text donations by 1000%. See how it was done

The power of connecting with people emotionally

AGE UK no one should have no one billboardIt is proven that emotive advertising evokes a stronger effect on people than rational advertising. Think.. which charity campaigns come to mind.. the NSPCC ones?

‘No one should have no one at Christmas’

Through the colours, the empty space and it being the time of year we’re supposed to be together – this poster perfectly conveys the loneliness that elderly people can go through; tugging on your heartstrings. This campaign was shortlisted for the Outdoor Media Awards.

The use of Social Media alongside

Mind charity take off the tap campaign clear channelDue to the ease of contributing on social media, we’ve seen the efficacy of campaigns pushed even further. People of all ages are engaging with the cause and helping raise awareness.

This is exactly what Mind did with their ‘Don’t be silenced’ campaign. The only thing required – tape! This saw people all over the UK coming together, interacting through social media; providing people with the stepping stone to overcome mental health issues. #TakeOffTheTape

To read more on how to get your audience spread your message, read our ‘integration’ article.

Data & audience planning

british lung foundation on clear channel adshel liveWe need to know our audiences. Demographics, expenditure, health problems, proximities to shops… the list goes on. The more we have, the more targeted, and so effective, a campaign we can provide you. The British Lung Foundation’s objective was to raise awareness of lung disease in the areas which people are most affected.

‘Take the breath test’

Using our data, local council research and the flexibility of digital advertising, The British Lung Foundation reached out to their precise audience on set days at specific times. As a result of their highly targeted messaging, over 250’000 people took the test; many as a direct result of the OOH campaign.

Top Tips

We’ve spoken to you about how charities can be creative, how they use emotion to create empathy and how the artwork used is extremely powerful in landing a message to its audience. Now we recap on the top tips on promoting your charity!

  1. Use imagery of people to generate a stronger connection
  2. Emotive messages deliver higher impact than rational
  3. Data tools will allow you to target highly precise audiences
  4. Social media extends the reach & longevity of your campaign
  5. Lenticular printing has the power to transform your message
  6. Fundraising? Use a clear ‘Call To Action’
  7. Contact us even if you’re just at the drawing board stage; we’ll happily help discuss & develop any ideas you have – even if this is using a variety of different media!

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