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How to Advertise Your Taxi Firm

Make sure you’re brand is front of mind when people need a taxi using the power of Outdoor advertising to beat the competition. We have advertising panels in key locations:

We know that competition has become a lot tougher but no matter your area or your current client base, we’ll have a solution that brings ROI (Return On Investment) for you.

More and more taxi companies are using us to advertise. See why below.

Simon May at Radio Taxis Southampton advertising campaign

Radio Taxis

“We had never used Out of Home advertising previously and we were looking to try something new.

We saw an impact from this immediately. Within the first week we had 1,000 extra bookings. In the second week of the campaign we received an extra 2,500 bookings. As well as that, app downloads increased by 60%.”

David at Eco Cars Northampton taxi advertising

Eco Cars

Eco Cars selected a bus stop in a high traffic location which attracted high footfall numbers of local students.

Night bookings trebled as a direct result of the bus shelter campaign. After the campaign, David explained that “in addition to the increase of bookings, It kick-started word-of-mouth with the local students in Northampton.”

Things to think about when promoting your taxi service

  1. Memorable number
  2. Easy to use digital platform if you’re using one
  3. Trust & customer service are essential to repeat bookings
  4. Advertise in the key locations – pubs, high streets, bars, shops
  5. Know if there’s a large community that will use your taxis and focus on them e.g. students and advertise on campus
  6. Be on social media as an extra place for your brand to be seen and trusted

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