Outdoor Advertising FAQs

We understand that outdoor advertising on a billboard or a digital screen is new to most businesses and the concept may appear out of reach. With this understanding, we appreciate that you have a few questions that we are more than happy to help with. Clear Channel Direct have conversations with businesses like yours on a daily basis and have found that the majority of questions are understandably: “How do I promote my business?”, “How do I advertise on billboards?” and most frequently, “how much does billboard advertising cost?”.

To ensure that you find the answer to your question, this FAQ page is broken down into different categories, starting with the popular cost-related questions and ending with general advertising FAQs.

If your questions have not been answered on this page please give us a quick call on Freephone 0808 301 3094 or email us: webenquiries@clearchannel.co.uk

How much does it cost?

If I book more than one site and for a longer period of time, can this affect the price?

The prices can be affected by the quantity of sites selected and the campaign duration. However, this depends on the exact location of each site. The more panels you book and the longer your business is promoted for, the more people will remember your brand.

How can I receive a quote?

All quotations are tailored to your exact needs. They depend on the panels most effective for you, the duration of your campaign and the quantity of advertisement sites selected. Contact us and chat to our local team to receive a quote.

How much do billboards cost?

As each billboard is seen by different numbers of people, some require a higher initial investment than others. Each one of the 4,000 billboards in the UK has a separate price. Therefore, the rates completely depend on the exact location of the billboard.

Is there a minimum spend?

Yes, our minimum investment value is set to ensure that your advertising campaign is seen by enough people to reward you with a noticeable return on your investment (ROI). For example, a two week booking on one phone box poster would not provide your brand with enough coverage – Invest enough to return more.

Is there a discount?

This heavily depends on the location of the advertising panels, the duration of your campaign and the quantity of panels used.

How does it work?

What advertising options does Clear Channel have?

Bus shelters and billboards are our core advertising products. However, the portfolio also consists of Shopping mall and Supermarket digital screens and also digital screens in pubs & bars. Please view our Advertising Options page to see our fantastic range

How does digital screen advertising work?

There’s much more flexibility with digital advertising. You have the ability to book specific days and times depending on your objective and your target audience. Our screens run on a 1in6 loop – meaning that every minute (60 seconds) your ad will be shown for 10 seconds.

How effective is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is an unavoidable 24/7 medium suitable for all budgets. The ability to pick and choose specific panels in the areas that you wish to target means you’re not wasting your budget on advertising in the wrong please, to the wrong people. In fact, Outdoor advertising reaches has a bigger reach than any other media, including TV. See our recent success stories here

How do I find out if the advertisement site is available?

It’s a simple process. Contact us via phone or email and let us know which advertisement site you are interested in and the dates you require it for. We will check our availability system and get back to you promptly. Planning ahead is important as some of our most popular advertisement sites can be booked months in advance.

What is the minimum duration that I can advertise for?

We offer fortnightly slots on our poster advertisement sites therefore the minimum duration is two weeks. There is no maximum length for advertising, so you can advertise for as long as you like. However, with digital advertising, you can select specific dates and times to advertise your business.

How do I advertise on a billboard?

Visit our how to buy page and walk through the 5 simple steps to advertising on a billboard.

Can I buy one advertisement site or do I need to buy multiple?

Depending on your advertising objectives, you can advertise on as many advertisement panels as you like. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your brand locally on multiple sites or simply direct people to your business via one nearby billboard e.g. ‘turn left in 200m’

Which format of outdoor advertising suits me?

At Clear Channel, we sell audiences, not advertisement spaces. Therefore, the format type heavily depends on who you are looking to reach e.g Students or families. You know your audience and we know how to reach them. Talk to us – we can recommend the most suitable format.

How can I measure ROI?

With the help of the audience analysis tool, Route, we know how many people will see your campaign and we also know that outdoor advertising has a lower CPT (cost per thousand) when compared to other media, including press. We can then work out, of the number of people who will see your campaign, how many need to buy from you in order for you to notice a ROI.

What is the average length of a campaign?

The duration of a campaign entirely depends on each client’s needs and campaign objectives.

Can I pick a specific billboard to be on?

Yes. However, we can recommend the most suitable billboards for your business that will most likely reach your target audience.

Where do you have boards?

Visit our Poster Search mapping tool and see the locations of our billboards

How do i know when/if my ad is running?

As soon as your campaign goes live, we send you POPs (proof of posting) so you can physically see that your brand is out there.

What happens after my campaign has ended?

We will send you a post campaign analysis and proof of postage pictures to show that your campaign has gone live. On top of this, you will have a follow up meeting with your dedicated account manager to discuss the campaign and any future plans you may have.

Design, print and production

Artwork specification questions?

Please visit our Artwork Specifications page

I would like to install a billboard on my property. Who do I contact?

Please email one of billboard development managers who are located near your property. Also, please provide the address of your site and any image of the potential advertising space. Lynne.Sanderson@clearchannel.co.uk (Glasgow) | Darren.foster@clearchannel.co.uk (Leeds) | Jackie.watson@clearchannel.co.uk (Manchester) | margo.hamilton-watson@clearchannel.co.uk (Birmingham) | steve.lawson@clearchannel.co.uk (London)

I have my artwork ready – where do I send it to?

Please send your artwork to Artwork@clearchannel.co.uk

Who to report a damaged advertisement site to?

Please contact our 24 hour damage hotline: Freephone – 0800 731 3699

Do I need to print my own posters?

No. We liaise with a printing company called Odessa which prints all our posters around the UK. Please note that there are additional costs for design and print.

Do I need to design my own posters?

No. We offer a fully inclusive service. We have a dedicated design team who can create your artwork from scratch.

What are your billboard dimensions?

Our two main billboard sizes are 48 sheets (3m x 6m) and 96 sheets (3m x 12m). Storm, our super premium digital billboards are larger. To see full dimensions and artwork specifications for all our billboards. Visit our Artwork Specifications page


What is the best way to advertise locally?

The aim of local advertising is to introduce your businesses’ brand to local people. Promoting your business through outdoor advertising does exactly that. We ensure that local people walking and driving see your brand in the heart of their community.

Is my business too small to use Outdoor advertising?

Clear Channel Direct was launched a few years ago to work with small-to-medium sized businesses around the UK. We work with all types of businesses including local estate agents, charities and schools. We’ve even helped with proposals!

How do I find advertisement panels near my business?

View our Poster Search page which shows the locations of all our advertisement panels around the UK. Type in your business postcode and see our local advertising opportunities.

How to receive advertising ideas?

Speak to your local Clear Channel team. They have dealt with all types of businesses and ran numerous creative campaigns. They can talk you through previous success stories and discuss suitable ideas for your business.

What is the turnaround time?

Usually two weeks. However, depending on special requirements, the process could possibly turn around quicker.

Does Clear Channel have a local representative in my area?

As we cover the whole of the UK, It is essential that we have local representatives in your area. Being advertising experts and local to the area you wish to advertise in, our representatives are perfectly placed to offer guidance.

There’s lots of Our of Home terms that I don’t quite understand. Where can I find out what these mean?

For a glossary of Out of Home (OOH) terms, click here.

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