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Why you should be advertising on OOH

During these challenging times, the role of Out of Home (OOH) as a Platform for Brands remains as important as ever.

Many brands are uncertain about if or how they should respond to the current situation. There is a valid fear of being viewed as inappropriate but it’s essential for brands to stay visible so they can continue to build trusted relationships with consumers. The public’s usual behaviours are changing quickly as people adjust to new ways of living but audiences are still moving around locally, in line with current guidelines. With thousands of sites sitting in the heart of communities up and down the country, Out of Home still gives you the power to reach consumers as they navigate these changes over the next few months.

Building Trust

It can be tempting for brands to go quiet in times of distress, weathering the storm and waiting for things to pass. But ultimately brands have a unique window to earn trust from the public by maintaining a presence and delivering relevant content during a period of heightened anxiety. Brands can develop deeper consumer relationships by being a trusted source of accurate information in uncertain times. 

OOH has long been an established trusted medium for brands. There is a 26% increase in trust when OOH is included in a multimedia campaign(1) and an 82% boost in trust when OOH is added into a social media campaign(2). During this period, brands have an opportunity to build new relationships and reassure people who may be feeling lost and confused. New behaviours will develop based on trusted information and consumers will be open to brands who communicate with them in the right way. 


Getting back Out of Home

Brands take years to build, but they can quickly deteriorate. Just because there’s a pause in active buyers doesn’t mean you can afford to stop maintaining or building your brand. Buyers will return and you need to be “brand ready” when they do.

It’s no secret that everyone is looking forward to ‘returning’ to the new normal. 65% are looking forward to going to restaurants3 and 58% are looking forward to shopping on the high street again(3). People will want to get on with the activities they have missed out on as quickly as possible and will spend an increasing amount of time out of home as a result. OOH is well placed to reach their needs as they seek inspiration around how and where to spend their time and money when this period of uncertainty is over. 

“Keep the brand light burning, because the cost of snuffing it out for the rest of 2020 and then trying to reignite it next year is gigantic.” – Mark Ritson

We want to reassure you that during this time, we will still be on hand to support you and your organisation as usual. To discuss an existing campaign or advertising with us, please contact your dedicated account manager or you can reach us here.

Stay safe and we’ll see you when we’re all back Out of Home!


Sources: 1, Talon benchmark data; 2, IPA databank & Rapport; 3, Kantar.

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