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Why Outdoor Advertising Works for SMEs

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As a tried and tested method of promotion, outdoor advertising has been adopted by businesses and organisations of all sizes and types, with some truly memorable and iconic campaigns being devised by marketing departments and agencies around the world. But what makes outdoor advertising so effective and why should you use it for your SME?

98% of people see an OOH advertisement every week

The presence of out of home advertising has been constant for decades, and that’s because it works. Spending such a large amount of time out of our homes means that we’re exposed to a wide range of adverts over the course of a day, and if your advert is in the right place, targeting the right demographic, your business can reap the benefits. It doesn’t matter who your target audience is – with a little research, you can identify the right places and times for promotion.

Consumers spend 70% of their time out of their homes

Going to work, going to meet friends at the weekend, shopping in town – out of the finite hours in a day, we typically spend a significant amount of it out of our homes. During this time, we’re looking for visually interesting and stimulating things – whether we know it or not. This is partly why an outdoor advertisement can work so well – we’re primed to absorb information in a manner that we might not be when we’re at home on the sofa.

50% of shoppers make spontaneous purchases in a shopping centre

Whether you’re doing your Christmas shopping, buying gifts for a loved one’s birthday or you’re simply treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy, when you’re in a shopping centre, you’re very susceptible to an impulse buy. Half of shoppers are likely to make a spontaneous purchase, and of these impulsive choices, 64% are motivated by a well-placed out of home advert.

If you’re promoting a product that’s available in a shopping centre, advertisements in that same area can have an immediate impact on both shoppers and your business.

It’s very cost effective

Advertising cost effectiveness is measured by CPM – Cost Per Mille. That means how much money needs to spent in order to gain 1,000 impressions – that could be clicks, views, reads, listens or visits. Outdoor advertising has one of the lowest CPM out of all forms of advertisement, which means you’ll see a lot more value for money in this type of promotion than other formats.

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