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Why & how to celebrate your Brandiversary!

Your Brandiversary Celebrate your company anniversary

Raise a glass to your company anniversary. Whether you’ve been trading for 10 years, 25 years, or 50 years, landmark ‘brand-iversaries’ are the perfect opportunity to celebrate what you’ve already achieved and promote yourself to a wider audience. Brand-iversaries are also the prime time to appreciate your loyal customers and win new ones. 

But why, and how, should you honour the occasion in a smart, meaningful way? 

Why celebrate your company anniversary? 

Simply put, it’s a great way to reignite interest in your business and re-engage with your customers. It’s also a shameless way to promote your business and its experience, all year long. This not only increases brand awareness and connect with new customers, but it can also boost the morale of your employees. 

A recent noteworthy example of a company anniversary comes from supermarket giants, Tesco, who have been celebrating their 100th birthday with an extensive national campaign. The adverts show images and TV characters that channel past decades, all coupled with the memorable strapline ‘prices that take you back’. Rather than feeling like a standard advertising campaign, it has a warm, celebratory, and nostalgic feeling that brings a positive, emotive response. Tesco’s brand-iversary has also featured offers and PR alongside this messaging. 

How to celebrate your company anniversary 

Launch your OOH advertising campaign

Potential and existing customers need to know about your anniversary before you can start anything else. That’s why you need a solid OOH (out-of-home) advertising campaign to launch the celebration – and to get your brand seen at one of their strongest moments. Here at Clear Channel, we help your campaign reach the right audience in the right locations, thanks to our vast national network of digital billboard and OOH advertising spots to choose from. Positioned in locations ranging from supermarkets to bus shelters to roadsides, you can be sure that the general public will be put in direct contact with your adverts. 


To complement your OOH campaign, you may wish to customise merchandise, social media, and your website with flourishes and added touches related to your brand-iversary. This is a great way to ensure unity of the brand throughout your anniversary year, and to advertise the special occasion across multiple platforms. Some companies also choose to create a special brand-iversary logo or may modify an existing logo – this is true in the case of Tesco’s anniversary campaign.

Create offers

Once your digital adverts have gone live, they will generate local interest in your company which you can further cement with enticing offers. See it as a gift to your customers, as part of the celebrations, showing your appreciation towards them – after all, they are a big reason why you can now celebrate many years of continued trading. These offers will put everyone in a celebratory mood, and helps to include the general public (and potential customers) with the festivities.


Everyone loves a party, and your company anniversary is a great excuse to throw one – or several. The guest list can include members of the local community, key employees (or all employees, if you’re a smaller business), representatives from any charities you support, the local press, and anyone else you feel needs to be appreciated. Since your brand-iversary lasts all year, there is plenty of time to organise several events, each with a different focus. These events are a great time to reflect on the past year, but also to announce any exciting upcoming changes or new initiatives.


Here at Clear Channel Direct, we are the UK’s leading provider of OOH advertising and have a vast network of prime advertising locations to help our clients reach the right audience. With a diverse range of digital advertising options available, you can choose a platform that works for your business. Get in touch with our experts today, and together we can launch your campaign. 

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