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Why Digital Advertising?

You might have grand advertising plans for your business, product or event, but the platform for your campaign might as yet be undecided. There’s a range of options to choose from, but which one is right for you? Here, the team at Clear Channel will run through our variety of digital advertising displays to give you a better idea about what we do.

Billboard Live

Clear Channel have more than 80 displays across the country, in some of the UK’s largest cities, including Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. Strategically placed in the locations with the highest traffic in and around these cities, you can be sure of huge exposure with our Billboard Live screens. The screens themselves are the same size as a 48-sheet traditional billboard.

Super Premium Digital Billboards (Storm)

Our biggest displays for the biggest possible platform. Our Storm displays are enormous, dominating the skyline and demanding attention from drivers on the country’s major arterial routes. From our Mancunian towers to our Brent Cross displays, each one provides a tailored experience including the name plate below the main screen and the lighting surrounding it; further enhancing your exposure and delivering brand fame. 

Digital Bus Shelter Displays (Adshel Live)

With hundreds of thousands of commuters waiting at bus shelters every day in the UK, our digital bus shelter screens are the perfect way to catch their eye at any time of day. The versatility of digital displays can be fully utilised here; animated advertisements, motion detection, facial recognition and touchscreen technology are at your disposal. What’s more, they can be changed at the click of a button; perfect for time-sensitive advertisements.

Digital Pub and Bar Displays (Socialite)

A bustling bar or pub is full of receptive people; they’re relaxed after work or on the weekend, which means they’re more open to the impact of advertising. Clear Channel’s Socialite screens are HD ready, full motion displays that can push an advertisement to the patrons of a local bar – they’re currently present in some of the UK’s largest chains, including Greene King, Walkabout and O’Neills – so if you’re looking appeal to socialites, choose Socialite.

Supermarket and Mall Displays

Where better to catch a potential buyer than when they’re on their way to buy something? Clear Channel have digital screens situated outside Sainsbury’s and ASDA branches around the country, offering the opportunity to promote your brand or product within feet of a retailer. We also have a portfolio of shopping mall displays – 400 of them across 43 of the UK’s leading shopping centres, situated at eye-level in the areas of the mall with the highest footfall. Some of them are interactive, too, for an extra level of engagement with potential customers.

Clear Channel Direct are proud to provide a range of digital out-of-home advertising screens for customers around the UK. We can help you promote your brand in some of the most impactful advertising locations in the country, so get in touch with us today for all your out-of-home advertising needs.

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