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When to Use Outdoor Advertising for Your Business

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One of the most important parts of owning a business is promoting it – how are people going to know you’re the right company for their needs if they don’t know you exist?

There are many ways of promoting your company, particularly in this digital age, but few are more effective than outdoor advertising. Used by companies of all types and sizes, there’s a lot to be said for outdoor promotion and what it can bring to your business. In this article, we’re going to look at how to make the most of your advertising – specifically, when to use outdoor campaigns.

Completing the package

We mentioned the ‘digital age’ above, and it doesn’t take a genius to notice that the methods of old are becoming less prominent as technology improves and becomes ever more accessible. In keeping with this, modern businesses need to have a presence across multiple platforms, and outdoor advertising can work as an effective method of tying everything together.  

Harnessing modern technology, Clear Channel Direct offer Geo Locate, a service that allows you to connect with your audience through their smartphones. As mobile phones account for 50% of internet traffic, any advertisements that can utilise portable technology can reap huge rewards. Geo Locate allows you to feature your company on 100,000s of apps, so when your audience walk past your advert and then open up an app on their phone, you can be on screen, offering discounts, information or even directions.

You can do some meta-promotion, too – feature your URL or business’ social handles on an outdoor advertisement and track engagement using these metrics.

Getting noticed

You need to make yourself heard, and in order to do that, you need to be seen.

With the right campaign in the right location, thousands of eyes are going to see your advert and, hopefully, take in your message. From city centres to arterial routes, bus shelters to petrol stations, every advert has a perfect position, and once you’ve found it, people will pay attention.

Boosting sales

Studies have shown that over 70% of people are influenced to make a purchase by outdoor advertisements. Think of it this way: if someone is thinking of purchasing a new phone, and they see a brilliant, eye-catching and impactful phone advert while they’re on their way to the city centre or a shopping mall, that phone is going to be fresh in their mind. Your business’ impact will be considerably increased with strategic outdoor advertising.

Tapping into tourism

If you’ve designed a campaign that includes directions to your premises, maybe you’re a restaurant, a shop or any kind of consumer-facing business, tourists visiting the area could benefit massively from it. They may have no idea where to go to eat, drink, or shop, for example, and your billboard could direct them to you, and you can enjoy their custom.

Outdoor advertising presents many opportunities to promote your brand, and if utilised correctly, they can provide a fantastic boost across many aspects of the business – customer base, income, reputation – they can all be improved with a perfect campaign.

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