What are the Benefits of Digital Billboards in a Marketing Strategy?

Digital billboards coupled with an online campaign reward you with reach in both the online and offline spheres.  

Billboards are one of advertising’s oldest forms, and digital billboards have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. Not only this, but digital billboards can enhance a marketing campaign and bolster social media, TV ads and other forms used in your campaign – giving you access to an audience, no matter where they are. . 

Let’s explore how.

Complements Other Advertising Techniques

Billboards help build a buzz around your current online campaigns, adding impact. For example, if you’re a college who is using radio to advertise an open day, a billboard will give listeners a visual link to your audio campaign. 

Simply put, they work to enhance and complement the other channels of advertising you’re using in a campaign – and everything else that goes with it, including SEO, GoogleAds, digital marketing and mobile marketing. 

According to research, digital billboards can push customers to interact with your brand online, and therefore will boost reach for web, mobile and social campaigns. In reference to Nielsen’s Billboard Study, upon seeing a billboard, around 18% of people searched for more details online and around 17% actually visited an advertiser’s website. Another study conducted by Talon Outdoor concluded that adding digital Out of Home advertising alongside a social campaign increased the effectiveness of the campaign by 23%. 

It’s clear that billboards marry well with other advertising forms to create a cohesive campaign across multiple channels, but what about reach? 

Reaches Wider Audience 

Anyone can mute the TV or scroll past a social media ad – but a billboard is impossible to ignore. This is especially true if the campaign is eye-catching, with messaging and graphics that draw in the reader in an intelligent and unique way – this, in fact, is the key to billboards’ success. 

The beauty of outdoor advertising is that your campaign enters the public sphere easily and prominently – and therefore meets a much wider audience than other advertising methods.  For example, your clothing store may already be running an Instagram campaign? A complementary digital billboard brings this campaign to the offline sphere as well as the online sphere to reach a broader audience. 


Traditional paper posters will only usually run for a minimum of two weeks, whereas digital billboards allow advertisers to select specific times and dates for their billboards to show. This makes it easy to marry digital Out of Home marketing with the timing of radio and social media campaigns for maximum impact. 

Boosts Social Media 

Teaming a social media campaign with a billboard can be very powerful when it comes to interaction. Stats from IPA Databanks reveal that adding Out of Home media to a social media campaign can boost business effectiveness – around a 20% increase in business effects, such as profit, loyalty and customer acquisition. 

Digital billboards can include interactive elements, such as bar codes, eye-catching designs to encourage photo opportunities, offers and other creative ways to engage with the billboard and the associated social campaign. Perhaps your restaurant is offering a discount, but customers have to scan the barcode on the billboard to access it? Or maybe they have to take a photo of your billboard and share it on social media? This encourages direct interaction with your campaign, also linking it back to the social media elements. 

When linked directly with the social media side of the campaign, the two channels can work in perfect partnership with each other – reaching people offline and coaxing them back into the online sphere to make a purchase or engage further with a brand. 

Build Brand Trust 

Digital billboards are often associated with large, luxury or premium brands, even though businesses of any size can benefit from them. This sense of trust surrounding billboards, and therefore an idea of a company being well-established or reliable, can build brand trust for your own company. This could work especially well when messaging needs to be taken seriously e.g. if a small council wants to display COVID-19 messages to the general public. 

Increased ROI 

Campaigns which combine traditional advertising methods with digital Out of Home advertising (DOOH) can enjoy better ROI (return on investment). A study conducted by BrandScience looked at 211 Out of Home advertising campaigns and revealed that increasing investment in Out of Home advertising, such as billboards, alongside other communications techniques, can boost ROI for advertisers. They also found that other media channels enjoyed an increase in ROI when teamed with OOH. The study highlighted that when used tactically and cost-effectively, OOH advertising can increase the ROI of the overall campaign – and this includes digital marketing, SEO and GoogleAds. 

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