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How to Understand How many People will see your Advertising

So you’ve designed, organised and strategised the perfect advertising campaign. It’s sitting proudly in your chosen location, whether it’s in a bus stop, in a bar, or sprawling across the wall of a shopping centre. It looks the part and you’ve done the hard work, so how do you know if the advert itself is working?


Using cutting-edge technology to track how many people will see an advertising campaign, Route is the outdoor advertising industry’s main tool used for measuring the engagement of an advert. You can see it in action here:

Using a multi-faceted planning process, we can tell you how many people are likely to see your advert, and how these individual views will translate into impacts.

The impact of your campaign is split into three parts; Population, Reach and Frequency:

Potential number of people who may see the advert (Population)

Total number of people that will see it (Reach)

Number of times the advert will be seen (Frequency)

Such is the detail of the Route system, the planning can be tailored towards the type of demographic you are targeting – Route carries out very detailed surveys that return valuable information on the preferences of respondents. You can plan by day of the week and even specific timeslots in a day, so you can get the clearest possible picture of the impact your campaign will have.

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