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We planted 6 new trees planted in Bolton!!

Recently Clear Channel met up again with Trees for Cities to get some more trees in the ground!

In case you’re not familiar, Clear Channel are running an initiative in line with the charity ‘ Trees for Cities’ whereby each digital advertising phonebox we plant in the ground, we plant a tree in that city. Trees for Cities have been running since 1993 and their aim is to get 1million trees planted in urban areas across the world by 2020!

Last week saw us go to Bolton where we had a tree planting ceremony in the home town of the people who are manufacturing our digital screens, Amscreen! Two of our operations managers and two of our marketeers met with the lovely Kim from Amscreen, Julia & students from Bolton University, the students from Bolton UTC and of course Rory & Dean from Trees for Cities!

There was a brisk chill in the air on getting there but after 10 minutes of shovelling, moving stones and wheeling turf, we were all warm and happy as could be!

Thank you to everybody who contributed in revitalising these areas and improving the lives of the people who live in them. We’ll be back to Bolton to water our trees very soon!!!


Trees for Citites, Amscreen And Clear Channel

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