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The Digital OOH Advantage in Direct Response Marketing

The DOH advantage

The onset of digital OOH advertising has brought about a number of changes in the way companies market themselves to people and the way that people consume and interact with advertising. One such change is the very strong relationship between digital OOH advertising and direct response marketing. Direct response marketing is a technique designed to promote instant responses from consumers; this type of response is tracked immediately through the use of direct or online interaction with the advertisement.



More and more digital OOH advertisements are making use of interactivity, and this interactivity provides the most immediate response that direct response marketing could hope for. This allows for much greater (and quicker) tracking of the advert’s performance, which in turn allows advertisers to determine how effective that advert has been. As DOOH advertising allows for interactivity in a way that other forms of advertising can’t, it has the advantage in direct response marketing. 

There’s such a wide scope for creativity in modern DOOH advertising, which means that there’s a multitude of ways to make use of the interactive functionality of the format. The better the advertisement, the more people will engage with it, and the real-time tracking means you can monitor the success of your advertisement without delay. 



While every brand has a target audience, it used to be the case that you could only be so specific when it comes to targeting a demographic with your advertising. With hypertargeting, however, the level of accuracy available has been transformed. Using data such as behavioural history and third party data from online profiles, the parameters of an advertisement can be tightened and re-aligned for more accuracy. 

This more accurate target eliminates the risk of wasting time, effort and money trying to reach people who aren’t interested in your advert. Spotify, for example, recently ran a campaign that was an excellent advertisement for hypertargeting – their displays used statistics with humorous statements aimed at a very small group of people, or even one specific person: “To the person who played “Sorry” 42 times on Valentines Day, what did you do?”. 

In years gone by, advertising was more of a one-way message; a brand would push a message, a product or an event to consumers, and then the customers would hopefully buy what they were selling. Now, though, advertising is more of a conversation; consumers can interact with adverts and converse with brands on social media within seconds of seeing a promotion, a change which has seen DOOH become a key player in direct response advertising. 


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