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The Creative Power of DOOH in the Digital Age of Advertising

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Billboard advertising, used for hundreds of years, has allowed advertisers and marketing specialists to flex their creativity promoting brands, products and events. Now, though, digital billboards are becoming more and more popular amongst advertisers, and this technology affords advertisers even more room to get creative. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the trends in digital advertising and how it has changed the way consumers interact with brands. 


Room for change

Whereas a traditional billboard requires the removal of the existing sheets and the installation of new ones, digital displays can be changed at the click of a button. Savvy advertisers can take advantage of this, uploading time-specific advertisements to catch the attention of consumers. Guinness, for example, had an advertisement which ran in conjunction with the RBS 6 Nations tournament; the digital displays alerted passers by to the upcoming match and its kick off time, with the added bonus of distance to the nearest pub. These pubs then used sensors to capture and record the footfall of customers through their doors, and once they reached capacity, the advert would then change to direct people to a different pub. 


Social media integration

Smartphones mean that people have their social media accounts in their pockets, and advertising creatives are harnessing that convenience to create adverts that deliver a much stronger sense of engagement and inclusion amongst consumers. For example, a digital advertisement may include a hashtag that people can contribute to on their social accounts, which can inform that advertisement in real time, whether that’s by including tweets on the advertisement itself or uploading people’s Instagram photos to a display if they use the hashtag. Research co-funded by Clear Channel showed that using social media in conjunction with a digital OOH display can increase performance across brand metrics by 23%.


Interactive innovation

Giving people a chance to interact with the adverts they see is a great way to increase engagement and foster a stronger connection between consumer and brand. Examples of a truly interactive experience is Reebok’s speed camera advertisement, which gave consumers the chance to win a pair of trainers if they could sprint past the speed camera faster than 10.5mph, or Disney’s Doctor Strange promotion, which included interactive ‘portals’ that people could control, allowing them to view different locations in real time, or even interact with people in other countries using the same advertisement. 

The way we consume media and advertising is changing, and the way we interact with it is changing too – we may follow a hashtag with our smartphones, or we may buy a product with our smartwatches. DOOH advertising is consistently providing brands with wider scope for improving brand awareness, and the future of OOH will include further innovations as the technology at our disposal improves. 


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