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The Anatomy of a Great Billboard Advertisement

Large billboard advertisement featuring Babease

Creating the perfect advert is what every single marketing company aims for, but combining each and every ingredient to make the ideal campaign can be difficult. There are myriad factors that play important roles in the creation of the adverts that we see on the street, and in this article we are going to look at what those are and how they can be utilised to create an impactful, effective advertisement.

The Objective

What do you want to achieve with your advertisement? You may have a new product that you want to promote, you might want to raise awareness of your brand, or your objective could be to point consumers in the direction of your premises. Whatever it is, think how best to highlight your main objective and make it clear to those who see your billboard. The way you choose to highlight this information is key to the overall visual aspect of your advertisement.

The Visual

This might sound obvious, but the visual aspect of your billboard advertisement is one of the most crucial parts. It needs to grab the attention of people who are passing it, successfully promoting what you’re trying to sell in an efficient, attractive way. You need to decide how obvious/subtle the visual needs to be, how much information should be on the advert and whether or not it is relatable.

The Pitch

How does your advertisement speak to those you are advertising to? Think about tone of voice, the audience you are aiming for and whether or not they will be able to relate to it more or less than a different tone. Does it need to be punchy, friendly or more serious? Make sure you are identifying your brand clearly in the advertisement, too, so your brand will be synonymous with the advert that has captured the attention of those passing by it.

The Action

The action is what will (hopefully) happen when someone sees your advertisement. This means a phone call, a text or visiting a website that you have featured on the advertisement. Also known as conversions, these will only occur if your advert has combined the visuals and the pitch to maximum possible effect. If you get the multiple aspects of an advert right, then you will find your company obtaining new customers, clients, donors – whatever your target market is.

Design Tips

Keep it brief

Limit the amount of words on the billboard as much as possible, while still getting your message across. People, especially drivers who are passing your billboard, won’t have time to read a paragraph of text on your advertisement. Generally, a good rule is ‘six words or less’ – it is claimed that six seconds is the industry average for reading a billboard advert, so be sure not to take too much time.


Obviously you need your billboard to grab the attention of passers by. Try and find the right balance between catching the eye and not diverting attention for too long. Short, easy to read messages are best for this – people can take in your message and it will stick in their minds as they go about their day. A good example of this is Oasis – they are disruptive with their outdoor advertising, which makes their campaigns memorable.

Get creative

When we think of billboards, we think of the large, flat advertisements that are seen at the side of roads and buildings. These can be incredibly effective; a tried and tested method that has worked for countless companies for years. However, experimenting with things like 3D advertisements, animations and moving parts can help increase the impact of your campaigns. It might be slightly more complicated to implement, but the results could be well worth it.

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