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Super Marketing for Supermarkets

Digital billboard advertising outside supermarket

Catching people in ‘buying mode’ is the key to successful marketing, which is why supermarket advertising is so effective on local, regional and national levels. Think about it: when out shopping, your potential customer has money in their pocket and an intent to spend it, meaning an eye-catching supermarket digital screen could not only make an impression, but may also make a sale.

So, why exactly is supermarket marketing so worthwhile? And how can you create an unbeatable digital presence? 

Right Moment: Your customers are ‘in the zone’ 

When browsing a supermarket, consumers are in the shopping zone – both mentally and physically. Sometimes they will know exactly what they wish to buy, and other times they’re searching for inspiration or guidance. Digital billboards, digital screens and other forms of digital advertising can inspire and influence, which is especially good news if your product can be found and purchased in said supermarket. 

Even if your product, event or service is not available for immediate purchase by the customer location-wise, you have still caught their attention at a ‘buying’ moment when they’re more likely to be swayed by advertising – and if the advert is impactful enough, the message is likely to remain with them. 

Right Channel: Sowing the seed 

Adverts that are creative, striking and engaging do the best at staying in the customer’s mind. The power of subconscious advertising can’t be underestimated, and securing an advertising spot with a striking digital screen can mean that your product lingers in the memory long after initial interaction with the advert. A truly effective advert can sway even customers who were not intending to purchase in your product category by appealing to a need, desire or simply by having a stimulating or engaging design. 

It is also suggested that motion adverts have an even bigger influence on consumers than static adverts – an effect that can easily be achieved with digital screens. 

Not only should you work to create a powerful visual message, but you also need to consider what you’re selling and whether it might appeal to a supermarket location. Supermarkets receive high footfall on a daily basis, and digital screen adverts are the ideal way to advertise products and services that would appeal to the everyday consumer. They’re also perfect for advertising local, regional or national events to a wide audience to get the word out with total ease. 

Right Place: Prime spots widely available 

Whether your product can be found in-store, or whether you’re advertising a regional service or event – securing a digital screen spot at your local supermarket is the best way to advertise to thousands of people across all demographics on a daily basis. 

Choosing the perfect location for your advert will maximise its effectiveness. Here at Clear Channel Direct, we have thousands of prime panel spots available at supermarkets across the country – simply use our search tool to pinpoint a spot that works best for your business. Our digital screens are positioned at the entrance to supermarkets across the country, speaking to audiences 24/7 at the moment they enter the store.     

Here at Clear Channel Direct, we have the UK’s number one digital supermarket advertising network. We specialise in competitively priced outdoor advertising across the country, utilising prime locations to promote your company in the best possible way. Simply use our search tool to browse our advertising spots, or get in touch with our team of experts to discuss you needs. 

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