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Are you ready to take Glasgow by Storm?

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Outdoor advertising, and in particular digital outdoor advertising, has grown at a huge rate over the last few years. The digital platforms currently available have taken traditional billboards and bus shelters to a whole new level, allowing an endless amount of creativity and possibilities. Artwork can now be changed in real-time depending on the time and weather conditions and clients can choose the times and days to advertise so they can best reach their target audience.

But the next step in the evolution of our digital billboards has arrived and we call them Storm.

Storm Billboard

These super premium billboards deliver fame on demand in high definition with their beautiful large format screens and are exclusive to a handful of locations across the UK, with the most recent being Glasgow’s famous Argyle Street.

Glasgow is the largest retail centre outside of London and the Storm billboard is located in the heart of the famous Style Mile, right next to the train station as well as close to three major shopping high streets. Due to their unique and flexible design, this portrait screen allows brands to truly have domination of the site. It gives them absolute exclusivity when in use, including bespoke lighting capabilities and a digital name plate to allow brands to take full ownership of the display.

Unlike traditional billboards, our Storm sites can also be purchased by the hour allowing precision targeting. For example, if you wished to reach shoppers during peak times on a Saturday the Storm screen can be bought between the hours of 10 and 2 when your target audience are sure to be out on the Style Mile.

So whether you’re looking for something unique or want to add that extra element to your brand’s campaign, our Storm digital billboards allow you and your imagination run wild.

What ideas will you come up with?

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