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Reasons to Advertise in London

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One of the busiest cities in Europe, if not the world, awash with commuters, tourists and shoppers every single day of the week, London is an advertiser’s dream. There are so many places to promote your brand it can be difficult to know where to even start. Fear not, though, the team at Clear Channel Direct are here to tell you why you should advertise in London so you can start your campaigns on the right foot and in the right place.

Communicate with commuters

Millions of people commute around London every single day. According to Transport for London, over the course of a year, around 2 billion people are ferried around the city by bus, which means that 1.8 billion people wait at bus stops in that time. Think of the impact a good bus shelter advertisement could have; whether digital or traditional, animated or still, it can resonate with countless people as they wait for their bus to town.

Take advantage of traffic

London is famous for its traffic. While it might not be fun to drive in, being stuck in gridlock for a while means you have a lot of time to take in your surroundings. London’s ‘red routes’, such as the A40 and A406, account for only 5% of the city’s roads, but they’re used by approximately 30% of its traffic. An advertisement on one of these busy roads will reach countless motorists. Use a large digital or traditional roadside billboard to promote your brand to people as they drive past, or opt for Clear Channel’s premium display; the gigantic Storm screen set up near the A40 power station.

Students, students, students

London is a very attractive prospect for undergraduate and postgraduate students alike. As of 2016, there were 251,000 undergraduates and 121,000 in the capital. It’s also a particularly attractive destination for overseas students; 107,200 people came from abroad to study in the city. Young people are a desirable audience for many brands, and a well-researched campaign can appeal to all of them.

Advertising space

Clear Channel are proud to own a huge range of advertising spaces around the capital, from smaller bus shelter screens to our behemoth Storm display. Wherever you’d like to advertise, we’re likely to have the space you need; over 2,000 out-of-home advertising sites in London, in fact. You can find out more about our displays here. Each of our sites in London is tracked, which means that your campaign will be tailored to your ideal audience with the help of our campaign managers.

Advertising in London is a brilliant way to reach and engage with a huge audience. By working with Clear Channel to design, create and deploy an effective marketing campaign, your brand can reap the rewards of the huge exposure that London has to offer. For more information about advertising in London, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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