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Reasons to Advertise in Glasgow

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The location of an advertisement plays a key role in how effective it may be. You may have designed the most brilliant advertising campaign, but if the location is poorly chosen and nobody sees it, that brilliant campaign will have gone to waste. There are locations around the UK that are considered fertile ground for advertisers, from major roads to city centres and popular tourist spots, but one such place is emerging as an advertising location with lots of potential: Glasgow. In this piece, the Clear Channel team will look at why it may be worth investing some of that advertising budget in the city.

Location, location, location

In terms of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), there is no better performing UK region outside of London than Glasgow. In fact, fDi Magazine’s 2018/19 ‘European City of the Year Awards’ the city has received several notable plaudits, including:

  • Large City: Top 10 overall
  • FDI Strategy: Runner-up
  • Business Friendliness and Connectivity: Top 10

To say that the city can be an ideal location for business is an understatement. It has not only been recognised in the past for its performance as a business hub, but the signs for the future are nothing but positive, too. Since 2011, over £15 billion has been invested in the city, which has served as a foundation for its growth, success and continued development.


Considered to be one of the most innovative cities in Europe, Glasgow is soon to benefit from its very own ‘innovation districts’ in the West End and Merchant City. These hubs of creativity and progression attract some of the best and brightest, which only increases the capacity for innovation. In the spirit of such creativity, clever advertising campaigns can go a long way here.

Youthful presence

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow boasts a population of over 600,000 people. While that is an attractive prospect for advertisers in itself, Glasgow also has one of the youngest populations in Scotland – 135,000 students live there for their education, and over 41% of Glasgow’s inhabitants are aged between 15-34, which is a highly desirable demographic for many businesses. As a top student destination, we can help as we have key digital bus shelter sites in proximity to all student campuses.

Retail therapy

Shoppers are the market who are most likely to make a spontaneous purchase, so the fact that Glasgow is the UK’s best city for retail outside of London (by comparison spend) should be music to the ears of advertisers. Residents and tourists alike flock to the shopping district of the city, and the advertising space available in the area means that products and services can be pushed to eager eyes and Clear Channel have a premium site right at the bottom of the style mile!

Bus shelter promotions

There are approximately 622 buses on the First network in the City, and bus shelter advertising is an effective way of reaching large amounts of people on a daily basis – in fact, 60% of the Glasgow population regularly travel by bus. That’s around 360,000 people waiting at bus shelters – plenty of reach for your campaign. It’s not just people waiting at the shelters who’ll see your advert, either: people walking past, drivers passing the shelter

There are plenty of reasons to advertise in the city of Glasgow, not just the ones we’ve listed above. For businesses serving the UK, promoting your brand in the biggest city in Scotland, with its young, creative population, makes a lot of sense.

Clear Channel Direct are experts in advertising. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and sectors, helping to strategise and deliver innovative and impactful advertising campaigns, using everything from traditional billboards to state of the art technology. Clear Channel Direct have four local experts based in Glasgow who can help plan your campaign. For more information about our work, contact us today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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