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During these uncertain times, Public Sector organisations across the country have creatively adapted to deliver their supportive messages to their communities. From Wigan Council’s social distancing advert to Leicestershire City Council’s care worker recruitment message, Out of Home is being used as a community noticeboard and as a Platform for Good.

Whether you want to inspire local people to become foster parents, encourage social distancing in your community or raise awareness about local issues, Outdoor advertising can broadcast your message to your community. Last year, Clear Channel worked with hundreds of Public Sector organisations across the UK to help local communities, so we handpicked a small collection of the most effective campaigns for you.

Durham & Darlington Council

Darlington Council Digital Campaign

Objectives: Darlington Council, Durham Police, Durham Agency Against Crime (DAAC) and Darlington College all worked together on this brilliant Out of Home campaign. The purpose of the message was to address the local issue with Illegal Tobacco sales by educating the community on the effects of purchasing it and the links to organised crime.

Outcomes: Using police intelligence to select outdoor sites, Geo Locate mobile ads and powerful designs created by Darlington College students, the message was a huge success. Not only did the campaign raise awareness but the additional PR generated from the overall collaboration amplified the overall story.

Objectives: Cygnet’s campaign goal was to increase nurse application numbers. During initial research, Cygnet noticed a disconnect between typical healthcare recruitment ads and what they’d learned from nurses speaking about their own experiences. They decided the best strategic route to take was the real hero billboard campaign, using real nurses to resonate with their target audience.

Outcomes: Not only did this campaign generate 600 job offers per month but it also became a finalist in the IHR Recruitment Advertising Campaign awards in 2019. With an 18% increase in volume applications, this incredible story highlights the importance of using real people in ads in order to emotionally connect with audiences out of home.

Cygnet Health Care

Cygnet Health Care Campaign

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