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Picking the Right Location for your Billboard

Digital billboard on building

Digital billboards were once the stuff of sci-films, but in today’s world they are very real and increasing in popularity. From the sprawling adverts for high fashion brands on the sides of buildings to the sleek screens promoting the latest burger from a fast food chain at a bus stop, there are digital billboards in every city, which is a testament to how effective they are. With global spend on digital out-of-home advertising expected to reach $53 billion by 2018, more and more companies of varying sizes will look to digital billboards to push their brand. But where should you place your digital billboard in order to maximise its efficacy?


Billboards are everywhere. They are commonplace on the side of the road, on the sides of buildings, and even standing on their own near motorways and highways. A study found that 74% of billboards that were situated within a driver’s field of vision are noted, and 48% of them are read. Ensure that any billboard that is going to be placed by the side of the road is immaculately designed, as it needs to be clearly read by drivers as they go past.

The height of the billboard is key, too. If you position your advertisement at the top of a high building, it is not going to catch the eye of a driver or a pedestrian as they travel past. Select a reasonable height, so you can enter their field of vision easily. It should be positioned in an area with no visual interference, too – trees, buildings and other things that may obstruct your billboard will do you no favours.


Footfall is the amount of people who pass through a given area over a certain period of time. These people are the audience for your billboard, so it is important you select an area with high footfall to ensure you can target as many people as possible with your promotion. Areas with high footfall may cost slightly more to rent, but the benefits of catching more eyes with your billboard will more than make up for the extra expense.


The location of your billboard will have a significant impact on whether or not it appeals to the audience you are trying to target. For example, if you are promoting a new fashion brand for young adults, consider placing your billboards near universities, colleges or schools. Putting the billboard near an office block or a business park is unlikely to have the same impact, as you may well be simply showing your product to people who do not fit your demographic.

Residential/Commercial Area

In commercial areas, the majority of the traffic and a significant part of the footfall in that area will be people travelling to and from work. If you are trying to target professionals or local businesses as a whole, then these commercial areas are the ideal sites for your billboard. For adverts targeting a broader audience, consider a location that will be visited by a wider variety of people, such as a shopping centre.

Black Angels HairdressesProximity of the billboard to your business

The proximity of your billboard to your business is key, if you are trying to bring more customers into your premises. For example, if you are promoting an offer at your restaurant, there is no use having a beautifully designed billboard that is 50 miles away from your business. Using a billboard located within walking distance or a very short drive will ensure that people will easily be able to visit and take advantage of your promotion should they feel like it. A good example of this is McDonald’s – they use billboards with their iconic ‘Golden Arches’, with an arrow and the amount of metres to their closest restaurant – which is always just round the corner!

Neighbour Billboards

Consider the other billboards in the area that you are hoping to place your advertisement. Going up against a rival business or a company in the same industry as you could well pay off, but there are also benefits of being a unique billboard in an area. As long as the region itself is suitable for what you are promoting, as we’ve mentioned above, then you can really make an impact and get noticed by potential customers. How are the neighbouring billboards designed? If possible, make yours stand out from the crowd and avoid blending in with other advertisements.

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