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Outdoor Advertising & Radio Advertising

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There’s numerous media available for businesses of all sizes to advertise themselves on, each one offering different characteristics that lend themselves to different advertising campaigns and scales. As we’ve touched upon before, we are going to compare the features and effects of Out-Of-Home advertising with those of radio.

For most advertising campaigns, the target is ROI (return on investment). For the money that is spent on devising, creating and bringing an advertising campaign to life, rewards need to be seen through customers signing up, visiting a premises or purchasing goods that the campaign is promoting.


An advertisement needs to be cost effective to be worthwhile, and billboards and other out-of-home displays offer more for your money when it comes to the coverage they offer. Adverts on radio can range from £500 on a local station to more than £10,000 on a national one, and that is a rough estimate of the costs of a week-long spot for a 30 second advert. These adverts can be heard frequently by drivers on their way to and from work every day, or by those who spend a lot of time in their vehicles for work, and if you’ve devised a catchy advert, it can stick with them.


With a visual and radio advertisements, there’s huge scope for creativity. With the latter, you can devise a catchy jingle or impactful monologue, for example. However, with a billboard, you quite literally have a blank canvas at your disposal to create an advert that grabs attention. From classic poster displays with striking graphics to digital billboards with built-in videos and animations, there’s so much you can do with an outdoor campaign.


One feature that radio leads in is the speed at which the advert can be created. A jingle or a speech can be recorded and sent to the radio station, and then it is ready to air. An advert, though, whether traditional or digital, needs to be designed and sent out before it can be displayed. In the case of digital adverts, however, despite them needing time to be designed, they can at least be sent to the billboard immediately, ready for use.

Targeted Advertising

With a radio advert, you have scope for targeting a specific demographic. If you want to advertise a small business in a local area, you can use local or regional radio stations to promote yourself to people in closer proximity to your business. You might also look to advertise on radio stations with a listenership similar to your desired audience – youth-oriented stations, or stations popular with older people. With an outdoor advertisement, you can situate your advert on any authorised advertising site in the local area – this is particularly useful for those looking to increase footfall to their premises. If you have a restaurant and you’d like more people through the door, for example, an advert around the corner with directions to your premises can work wonders.

With outdoor advertising you can be even more specific. Local authorities can target specific postcodes, and schools can advertise in their catchment areas, for example.

As you can see, outdoor and radio advertising are markedly different in their effectiveness in different areas, and these differences will need to be weighed up thoroughly before you decide how to market your business.

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