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Outdoor Advertising & Online Advertising

Outdoor and online advertising have their own unique benefits that can either make them appeal to owners of certain businesses, or make them more suitable for advertising certain types of products, or targeting specific demographics. But what are these benefits and how can they help your business? We’re about to let you know below.

Outdoor advertising is extremely versatile

In years gone by, outdoor advertising was restricted to billboard promotions using a printed poster to display the advertisement. However, as technology has further infiltrated and influenced our industry, sci-fi-esque advertisements are popping up around the country, making use of the new tools at the disposal of the marketing business. There are large, poster-based billboards available by the thousands, or you’d like a more localised advertisement, you could opt for a digital screen in a bus shelter, for example. With digital outdoor advertising, you can set your promotion to change at certain times, you can update it regularly with offers or new content, or you can swap it out entirely just by sending the new content to the screen.

With ‘analog’ outdoor advertisements – 48 sheet or 98 sheet displays, traditionally – there’s always a chance that your advert may go unseen or become outdated, in which case you will have wasted your time and money creating and displaying it. However, with careful strategy, you can identify the most effective place to put your advert, which maximises potential views and minimises the risk of wasting money.

Paid promotions work wonders online

Advertising your business online can be limitless in terms of where you want to advertise. From Facebook to YouTube, so many websites allow for paid promotions on their domains, and in certain cases this can lead to a huge number of impressions for your advertisement. This may require some expenditure, but the results can be incredibly fruitful – your promotion could appear at the start of a viral video, for example, which often generate tens (or even hundreds) of millions of views.

Away from video advertisements, there are promoted tweets, tailored Facebook adverts and pop-up promotions on countless websites. One drawback, however, is that ‘adblocker’ software can be installed by the user to remove advertisements from websites, but plenty of companies are now making it difficult or impossible for users to visit sites if they have adblockers available. This means that your adverts will often be displayed even to those with such software enabled.

Outdoor and online advertisements can work in harmony

It needn’t be one or the other when it comes to outdoor and online advertising. In fact, outdoor advertisements can utilise internet-based features to boost their impact. For example, an outdoor promotion can include the URL of a web page that people can visit if they’re interested in what you’re marketing. The stats of this URL page – the number of visits, time spent on page, leads generated from it – can be tracked, which means you can get a clear idea of how many people are taking notice of your advertisement.

Consider combining outdoor advertisements with smartphones, too; using technology called ‘beacons’, advertisers can deliver promotions to people’s smartphones as they are pass or approach an outdoor ad, designed around the location and time of day that the user is nearby. This allows for another level of targeted advertisement – ideal for things like restaurant offers, directions to venues or the promotion of specific products.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be case of either/or in regards to outdoor and online promotions. While it’s true that certain businesses will experience greater benefits from certain platforms, there’s plenty of scope for using both forms of advertising – whether separately or in conjunction with each other – to promote your services.

Clear Channel Direct are specialists in outdoor advertising spaces and strategy. We’ve worked with clients from all sectors, from clothing brands to universities, planning and executing superb marketing campaigns of varying scales. For more information about our work, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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