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Our Technology

Here at Clear Channel, we use the latest technology to help our advertising campaigns get noticed. Our screens beam your advertising campaigns in full, crystal clear quality, for everyone to see. We have several different types of screens that we use for campaigns, and we’re going to give you a rundown of what they are and what they do.

Adshel Live Screens

More than a 1,000 screen network, with 6-sheet digital displays. The displays can be placed in bus stops around the country, and with our Campaign Planning, we can help you reach the right people at the right times, using flexible and tactical strategy. We know exactly where footfall is high and where people are most likely to see your campaign – city centre locations can yield brilliant results, and Clear Channel have displays across the largest cities and towns in the UK, so you can be sure your adverts are seen by huge amounts of people.

With dynamic copy and subtle yet noticeable motion, these screens really catch the eye, hold attention and leave an impact on those who see them. We also use Beacon, NFR and QR enabled screens – those with enabled devices can connect even further with your campaigns, providing an immersive, impressive and truly futuristic experience.

Digital Screens Outside Supermarkets

Think how many people walk in and out of supermarkets every day. Now, imagine all those people looking at your advert as they pass through. That’s a very real possibility with our digital screens outside ASDA and Sainsbury’s stores. With each brand having a 16% share in the market, you can reach a huge amount of people with a perfectly curated campaign.

Digital 48

Our Digital 48 screens are wide, bright and clear. In other words, they’re unmissable. For advertising a product, directing people to your venue or simply dominating space, there’s not much better.


We have a 600-strong network of LCD screens in our Socialite category, each one of them displaying various advertising campaigns in glorious HD quality. These screens are designed to fit perfectly in busy environments that are frequented by young, affluent people, namely city bars and pubs. Catching the eye without disrupting the aesthetic of the environment, these screens can display static, full-motion and video content in the highest quality.


You can try and ignore our Storm screens, but it’s almost impossible. These monolithic displays project your campaign in unmissable size and quality in some of the country’s busiest locations. Our Storm option is available in many iterations: We’ll focus on two so you can see a selection of the sites. Storm Skyline and Storm Navigate 10 & 15.

Storm Skyline

Our Skyline screens tower over some of London’s busiest routes, catching the eye of affluent decision makers as they travel to and from the city. The sites of Skyline:

  • Storm A40 Power Station London
  • Storm Chiswick Towers London
  • Storm Cromwell Road Tower London
  • Storm Hammersmith Tower London
  • Storm North London Towers
  • Storm Westway Tower

Skyline utilises 14 screens across these six locations, offering a number of benefits to those who advertise on it, including:

  • 5.4 million impacts against an AB audience across every two week period
  • Viewers 2x more likely to be a director or in a senior management position
  • Viewers 3x more likely to earn over £50,000 annually
  • Viewers also 2x more likely to have invested in their own business

Storm Navigate

Storm Navigate is designed with flexibility and maximum coverage in mind. These are super premium digital screens, delivering maximum diversity in your audience thanks to our pool of locations.

The Navigate option is available in two variations; Storm 10 and Storm 15. The former allows for your choice of 10 Storm sites from our pool to target the areas you want to target, and the latter allows for 15 screens to be chosen.

The locations available span Manchester, Birmingham, London and Leeds, with sites at:

  • Shoreditch High Street
  • A41 Brent Cross
  • Lambeth Palace Road
  • M3 Tower
  • Chiswick Island
  • Billingsgate Tower
  • Borough High Street
  • Wandsworth Bridge
  • Nine Elms Lane
  • Trinity Way Manchester
  • M1 Tower
  • A406 Lea Valley
  • A406 Park Royal
  • Peckham High Street
  • Mancunian Junction Manchester

These sites cover the busiest arterial routes in these four major cities, reaching everyone you need to reach with the highest quality displays.

Our Adshel Live and Storm technologies are the pinnacle of Out of Home advertising. Their quality unmatched, their reach unrivalled, they provide everything you could want from an advertising display and more.

If you would like to know more about our Adshel and Storm advertising sites, please contact us at Clear Channel Direct today and we’ll be happy to help.

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