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How to sell more tickets

To sell more tickets you need to stand out from your competitors, ensure your ads reach your target audience and inspire people with your brand’s creative.

Whether your Entertainment business is a sports club, a theatre or a music festival, one thing you all have in common is tickets; you need to sell as much as you can! Here’s how Outdoor advertising can help.

Reach your target audience

Before you start advertising anything, ask yourself three questions; Who is my target audience? Where do they live? Where do they socialise? Once you have the answers, you’ll begin to understand how you can advertise to them.

There’s lots of different types of advertising mediums out there for Entertainment businesses but only a few actually reach the audiences that matter to you, such as sports fans, students, music-lovers and even those who enjoy a drink (or two) in their local pub. These popular target audiences are forever becoming more and more difficult to reach with ads.

Not unless you use Out-of-Home advertising. You can advertise on one of our 800 pub & bar socialite screens across the UK to reach people socialising, or on a digital billboard near a sports stadium to reach sports fans, or even on a bus shelter directly outside a University building to reach those festival-loving students.

Rub shoulders with the big brands

Imagine a potential customer’s initial perception of your brand if they see it on a billboard poster. With Outdoor advertising, your brand could literally be next to, or ‘rubbing shoulders’, with some of the largest Entertainment brands in the UK. People will immediately feel that your brand is trustworthy, professional and a successful Entertainment brand. First impressions are crucial, so make it a good one! This will create more excitement for next event and help sell out in no time!

Be creative & inspire

A successful ad often stirs up emotion. Whether that’s laughing, questioning or even crying (depending on how emotional you are). If your advertisement achieves this, your brand will automatically be A) more noticeable and B) more memorable.

The creative possibilities with Outdoor advertising are endless, especially with DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) where you play multiple artworks during your campaign, introduce motion to your advertisement or even change your creative based on the weather! If you’re more creative with your advertising, you’re more likely to stand out and inspire new customers into buying your tickets.

So, if you’re looking to sell out your next gig, football stadium or auditorium; Outdoor advertising can help by bringing you:

  • More fans
  • Bigger crowds
  • Sold out venues

Clear Channel Direct are one of the UK’s leading providers of outdoor advertising solutions. For more information about our work, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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