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How to Integrate Outdoor Advertising Into Your Marketing Campaign

Outdoor billboard advertising in industrial location

Outdoor advertising has been around for decades, becoming part of the furniture, if you will, when it comes to what we see on the sides of roads and buildings when we leave our homes and travel to work or down to the airport for a holiday. From small posters in bus stops to enormous billboards in city centres, outdoor advertising takes many forms.

The benefits of integrating outdoor advertising with online

2D Build Batman Lego Movie BillboardCombining two types of advertising campaigns has been proven to be very effective, depending on the types of advertising that are being integrated with one another. For example, combining billboard advertising campaigns with online marketing can work brilliantly – the consumer will notice the campaign on both platforms, creating a solid, lasting impression and helping them to remember the message you are conveying. In fact, studies have shown that people who have seen an outdoor marketing campaign are 17% more likely to follow up and engage with that brand on their smartphone. The outdoor campaign can serve as a foundation to encourage consumers to connect with your brand in a more direct way.

The 4 Cs of integrated campaigns

CoherenceAre all aspects of your campaign logically connected?

ConsistencyDo all your messages and connotations support each other without contradiction?

ContinuityIf you are using multiple platforms, is the campaign consistent across all of them?

ComplementaryIs your campaign more than the sum of its parts?

Short-term impact alongside long-term presence

The high impact of an outdoor campaign is one of its key strengths. As mentioned earlier, outdoor campaigns are so commonplace that they are ‘part of the furniture’, meaning that they become part of the consumers’ environment – a constant presence that increases awareness of a brand every time it is seen. Furthermore, these campaigns can be targeted for specific audiences – you can display your advert around bars and clubs to appeal to the socialites, for example, or conversely, you can place them on bus shelters and billboards to appeal nationwide.

However, even though they have a high impact, outdoor advertisements are limited somewhat by budgetary constraints. Usually, outdoor adverts are installed in two-week cycles, and once that cycle is over, your advert is removed. So if you combine said advert with an online campaign, that two-week impact period is extended indefinitely as consumers use their smartphones, laptops and tablets to engage with your brand after seeing your outdoor campaign.

Using social media alongside outdoor advertising

We don’t need to tell you just how influential and all-encompassing social media is. You’re likely a user of at least one, if not two or three social media platforms. If you create a striking and innovative advertising campaign, those who see it may be inclined to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, furthering the reach and amplifying the impact of your advert.

Track the success of a campaign digitally

Integration – yes, we’re using that word again – of outdoor and online campaigns provides another benefit beyond appealing to consumers. By using online channels in conjunction with outdoor campaigns, you can track the success of your advertisement using specially-created strategies. For example, if you were to create a web page and display the link for the page on your billboard or poster, you can then track the amount of people who visit said page, which gives you an idea of how many people are taking note of your campaign.

Outdoor advertising can yield so much positivity and success for your company, and when combined with the wonders of online marketing, there is no limit to the impact your campaign can have.

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