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How the Education sector smartly uses DOOH

Digital outdoor advertising for education sector

We work on hundreds of campaigns each day and we’ve seen the incredible benefit of combining traditional outdoor advertising with state-of-the-art digital technology. One sector that has benefitted extremely well from these digital features is the education sector. From real time changes, to contextual features and area specific artwork – here are the ways in which education clients are taking their campaigns to the next level.


Interactive elements are becoming increasingly common and popular within the world of outdoor advertising. One feature in particular that is being used more often is the ability to include a live countdown as part of your creative. For our educational clients like colleges and universities, they have used this feature in lots of different ways – including counting down to results days, their next open days, UCAS deadlines and more.


One of the major benefits of our digital products is that it allows you to update your artwork and copy as many times as you’d like. For educational clients like primary and secondary schools, they have used this feature when GCSE results are announced or to proudly reveal a new Ofsted report during an existing campaign.

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Digital technology allows us to do many things that before would prove tricky or almost impossible to achieve. One such thing is the ability to target a specific audience within a specific location. With our Geolocate product, educational clients we’ve worked with have been able to use this type of mobile phone advertising to their advance and target specific campaigns, e.g. open days, to target people within the catchment area of the schools. This means the message of their campaign is only seen by the relevant people, increasingly the likelihood of their message being received successfully.


The benefits of digital technology have never been better and with our products making these features available to even more people, the sky really is the limit to how creative and interactive your campaign can be.

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