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How Councils Can Use Local Advertising

Local council advertisement at a bus stop

Much like businesses need to use local advertising to gain traction in their sector, councils need to spread their messages to their constituents. From important local information to news about upcoming events, the way information is broadcast throughout a community is crucial to the impact it has. In this piece, the Clear Channel team are going to look at how local councils can advertise.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters are used by countless people at all times of the day – travelling to and from work, visiting the town centre or going further afield; each commuter will likely spend a few minutes in a bus shelter, waiting for their bus to turn up. This is the perfect time for to show them your message. Bus shelter advertising, like Adshel Live, can utilise digital screens with interactive capabilities – touchscreens, motion detection and even facial recognition in some cases means you can deliver an impactful campaign in an eye-catching manner.


If you want your message displayed on a larger canvas, you should consider using billboards. Popular for decades, they’re available in the classic poster format, or digital screens with moving or static images. If you want to reach people driving to work or travelling on major roads on the bus, then a billboard is an ideal format for your campaign. Extra features such as including a landing page URL on your billboard, and then tracking the analytics of said URL will allow you to see just how effective your campaign is.

Shopping Centres

If your area has a shopping centre in it, this can be an ideal place to advertise. These places are very busy, particularly at weekends, and those within the building will be receptive to advertising as they’ll be in an environment that is centred around it. Electronic screens are very prominent in shopping malls, and a striking advert can deliver your message to the hundreds or even thousands of people walking through the shopping centre.

Social Media

With the advent of location-specific advertising being used on social media platforms, councils can take advantage of this targeted advertising to great effect. By using a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram campaign that is aimed at users from the area in question, you can catch their eye as they scroll through their timelines on their phones.

Spreading your message as a local council can be a challenge, but with the right advertising campaign and platforms, you can reach the people of your local area in an engaging, impactful manner. Clear Channel Direct are the leading provider of advertising platforms for businesses and councils throughout the UK. For more information about the work we provide, get in touch with us today.

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