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Did you know that 83% of adults expecting to improve their homes in the next 12 months have seen Outdoor advertising in the past week? (TGI 2018) Let that sink in for a second. With Billboards, bus stop posters and roadside digital screens, you can influence potential customers and people who are in the market for your service. Whether they want a new kitchen, laminate flooring or a living room sofa, Outdoor advertising is an effective DIY marketing route that your home improvement company should consider.

If you’re searching for Home Improvement advertising ideas, well here’s three! Introducing Out-of-Home advertising – effective DIY marketing.

Drive enquiries

Out-of-Home advertising is the perfect platform for driving responses from people. Whether that’s people making a purchase, talking to their friend about a service or searching online via their mobile. In fact, 49% of adults expecting to improve their home in the next 12 months have responded to outdoor advertising in the past week! (TGI 2018). The sheer size of billboards and digital screens enables DIY businesses to, not only showcase their product or service, but to promote their logo and contact details on a huge canvas – making it easier for potential customers to respond.

During the bus stop and billboard campaigns we saw site traffic in this region increase by 18% and order conversion by 22% which gives us a fantastic ROI on the spend.” – Sam Tamlyn, General Manager at Shutterly Fabulous.

Home Improvement advertising ideas

Strengthen brand

Due to the perfect positioning of outdoor advertisement sites on commuter routes and in city centres people frequently notice billboards, posters and digital screen ads throughout their day and are influenced on a daily basis, often without being aware of it.

In fact, on average, adults in the UK see 30 outdoor advertisement sites per day (Route 2019). This is exactly why DIY and home building companies use Out-of-Home advertising to strengthen their brand. It’s simple, Outdoor advertising is a cost-effective marketing platform that stands out and is seen time and time again.

We liked that the sites could be seen on a regular basis and on key routes. It’s a great way to reach out to people in our area and getting in front of them whilst they’re out and about.” – Nick Caddy, Marketing Manager at Caddy Windows.

DIY Marketing Ideas

Increase visitors

Directional advertising is used by all business sizes and sectors. Using large roadside billboards or multiple bus shelter posters to physically direct customers to your showroom or warehouse is perfectly demonstrated by the Home Improvement sector. What better way to engage with drivers and people walking than using unavoidable posters that are seen by consumers 24/7. In fact, 70% of people who commute to work by car have seen outdoor advertising in the past week. So, think of the amount of drivers you could guide to your business.

The passing daily traffic is very high in the area and the boards are in a superb position. We used this to advertise our new showroom and we received a huge increase in visitors.” – Craig McCorkmack, Director at Bedrooms Plus Ltd.

Home improvement marketing

So! Whether you’re a home builder, furniture supplier or DIY business, Out-of-Home advertising is proven to work for all types and sizes of Home Improvement businesses. If you’re company is looking to drive enquiries, strengthen the brand or increase the number of showroom visitors, you’ve seen how successful outdoor can be, so get in touch and become locally famous in your area.

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