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The Future of OOH Advertising

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The year 2019 saw OOH advertising be utilised in ever-creative ways to reach an even wider, more targeted audience, and also saw all sizes and types of business utilising this valuable platform. But what can we learn from 2019, and what might the future of OOH advertising look like in 2020? 

What is OOH advertising?

OOH, or out of home advertising, is a way of reaching the public outside of their homes. Digital or poster adverts are placed either in waiting areas, like bus stops, at the side of busy roads, or at supermarkets. By carefully choosing an ideal location, businesses can reach a large section of their target audience with this ‘unavoidable’ form of advertising that works on both a conscious and subconscious level. 

The Current Situation

Thanks to captivating design, bold imagery and prime location, OOH advertising has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity over the past few years, and this is only set to increase as more and more businesses realise and appreciate its benefits. Several reports indicate the OOH industry had grown throughout 2019, with several indicating a between 10 – 20% growth for each quarter in the year – according to The Drum

The Future of OOH Advertising

  • The climate crisis is big news at the moment, with the push for environmental action influencing all areas of society. So, could it therefore have an affect on how OOH is played out? This could include how the ads are physically produced, or the content and messaging itself. Either way, the green revolution looks set to inspire and influence society going into 2020, and there’s no reason to assume that out-of-home advertising couldn’t be part of that. Clear Channel Direct are hoping to do our part too, this year, by trialling bus shelters made from recycled plastics and associating with companies who have a more sustainable angle. 
  • You may have noticed that more and more digital ads are encouraging interaction and utilising recognition technologies to encourage engagement. This can include direct interaction with the ads via touchscreens, in-built cameras or recognition technology, or via the use of smartphones by scanning codes to unlock certain features. It’s wise to assume that this trend will continue into 2020, especially thanks to the unflinching popularity of apps and the rise of interactive technologies. 
  • The Drum predicts that due to a trend of leaning towards a lack of creativity in favour of fast results, that creativity is set to increase this year to help establish brands and assist businesses to develop connections with their audience and potential users. They advise that the evidence to support creative brand-building over a long-term period is highly effective, and is worthwhile for many businesses. 
  • Collaboration is also predicted by The Drum to continue on into the new year, as more businesses see the value in partnering up and trying out innovative ways of using OOH to get their message across – truly thinking outside of the box. 
  • According to Stefan Lameire, the use of data is also predicted to be incorporated into campaigns, particularly locational data. It’s true that the launch of GDPR rules has made things more difficult for businesses, but certainly not impossible. By utilising real-life data, companies can find out exactly what messages will be most relevant to their audience, as well as giving valuable details of the best places to display them. 

The Future of Clear Channel Direct

Here at Clear Channel Direct, we’re a company that moves with the times. In 2020, we will continue to be a platform for brands and a platform for good. This means that not only are we helping lead in the future of media, but we also want to invest in projects for the good of society.

  • 50% of our carbon footprint has been reduced since 2008. 
  • 50% of our industry revenue has been invested back into local authorities. 
  • We will continue to hone and build partnerships with companies that have a more sustainable angle in efforts to reduce our environmental impact. From fitting bespoke LED light tubes to reduce energy consumption, to rolling out a fleet of low-emission vehicles, we hope to carry this sustainable focus into the future. A trial of bus shelters made from sustainable plastics is also in the pipeline.
  • Another big focus for Clear Channel in 2020 is public amenities. We’re aware that our infrastructure and screens are located in communities across the country, and so it was important for us to give back. We will continue this work into the new decade, and will examine giving our infrastructure public utility, for example, creating vertical meadows. 
  • Following on from this, we have partnered with students at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, for an exciting 5-year project to design street furniture that can aid public good and give value to local communities. From this, we hope to bring the best designs to life. 


Start your new year on the right foot with an advertising campaign to get your business noticed. Clear Channel Direct offer a nationwide network of digital OOH advertising spots, all situated in prime locations across the UK (and location matters). Simply use our search tool to discover available spots, or contact our friendly experts for more information. 

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