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Printt – Making printing effortless and free

If there’s one thing in life we can be sure of, it’s that everyone loves a freebie. And when it comes to advertising, there’s one more thing we can be sure of; reaching students with advertising is hard. Very hard.

Luckily for you, we have two of the best methods you can use to market to students. Out of Home, which is proven to reach students in huge numbers, and now Printt.

Printt is the largest free printing app across universities and private student accommodations in the UK.

The service, which currently reaches over 1 million students, is exclusive to Clear Channel and is very simple to use – just upload your documents to the Printt app and approach one of the 500 printers in various student locations. One tap and your documents are printed, no fuss and no USBs needed!

The beauty of the app is that every time a student uses it, they are served with a digital advert on screen and a printed ad within the footer of each page. Because the app needs to remain open for printing to complete, the in-app video ads are seen for at least 1 minute every time a student prints and take up 66% of the screen, providing a clear call to action and guaranteed views. Printt ads can be consumed by students anywhere – including when they’re in the comfort of their student accommodation – making Printt a unique new way to reach students through advertising like never before.

As part of the package, brands can take advantage of sponsored pins through in-app integration – this means their nearest locations appear on the map that students use to locate their nearest printer, driving footfall to UK wide locations.

When it comes to the printed documents, the ads are featured at the bottom of every page. This ensures guaranteed impressions as well as extremely high dwell times, especially given the fact that lecture notes make up 95% of what’s being printed and are viewed 28 hours per week. The ads in the footer of the pages also share the same dimensions as existing multiple out-of-home artwork formats, meaning brands don’t necessarily have to create or supply any additional pieces of artwork.

But what if students want to print a document without any ads?

An ad-free printing option is available within the app. Although this currently makes up less than 1% of the total printing, this is a far cheaper rate than universities are currently charging for printing and still allows students to save. If that wasn’t easy enough, Printt Delivery is also set to arrive in September – an option to allow students to have documents over 20 pages printed and delivered to them for free.

Printt makes printing effortless and free. Students are currently paying over £32 million every year and printing an average of 5 million pages every month. With Printt, it saves students money and also gives them something tangible – an added bonus given that they study better when using physical notes!


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