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Encourage recycling with OOH

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Commencing on the 23rd September, Recycle Week is approaching fast. As the 17th year running, it’s a huge national celebration of recycling that encourages people and businesses to really think about their waste and their own recycling efforts and take action. So far, 2019 has seen an unprecedented focus on environmental matters and people are becoming more aware of the detrimental effects of their waste than ever before.

Efforts by recyclenow and our Government DEFRA policies (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) have made a noticeable impact, especially with large commercial organisations. However, there’s still more work to be done and awareness to be raised concerning household waste. In fact, the UK has been challenged by the EU to recycle a minimum of national household waste to 50% by 2020 and currently, Wales is the only UK nation that has reached this requirement.

As a local council, how do you encourage recycling in your community?

Clear Channel have worked on hundreds of campaigns with local councils over the years and demonstrated that OOH advertising can influence community behaviour. So! we’ve put together 4 ways you can use Out-of-Home advertising to encourage recycling in your community.

1) Inform shoppers

Use Clear Channel’s supermarket advertising screens at your local Asda and Sainsbury’s to educate thousands of daily shoppers about their own recycling. Although official statistics on household packaging waste revealed an overall increase in recycling from recent years, more awareness needs to be raised if the UK is going to meet the 2020 target of recycling 50% of all household waste (defra). With Clear Channel’s Supermarket screens, your council can directly influence local people purchasing products in recyclable materials.

South Bucks Council   HP DN

2) Digital reminders

One of the most notable benefits of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is its flexibility. Whether you use Clear Channel digital screens at supermarkets, shopping malls or roadside digital billboards, you have the ability to deliver a specific message at a very specific day or time. For example, run a last minute recycling ad campaign the day before the recycling bins are collected, to ensure waste efficiency.

3) Tell everyone

As the UK’s leading digital screen advertising provider, Clear Channel’s digital billboards are strategically positioned in the highest traffic locations for maximum message exposure. Meaning your council can deliver a recycling message to your community very quickly by reaching thousands of drivers on a daily basis. A number of our digital Wrap screens are seen up to 500,000 times per fortnight and in fact, 77% of adults who drive to work have seen a form of Outdoor advertising in the past week (TGI:2018). So, think of the potential impact this could have in your community.

SuttonCouncilRecyclingCampaign digitalbillboard

4) Target audiences

With access to innovative audience and planning insight tools including CACI and TGI, Clear Channel can determine exactly who your target audience is; where they live, when they are out and how they consume media. Whether your audience is ABC1 adults, students or adults with children, Clear Channel can strategically plan your Out-of-Home campaign around who you’re looking to reach. For example, 91% of adults with children visit the supermarket at least once a week, 73% have noticed OOH in the past week and 85% live in urban areas.

Our Efforts

At Clear Channel, we acknowledge our responsibility for environmental protection and we aim to contribute to the national commitment to sustainable development are proud of the many ways we reduce our impact on the environment, winning a number of awards for our work. We are also partnered with Trees for Cities and Keep Britain Tidy and many of our staff regularly volunteer in environmental projects. Other environmental efforts include:

  • 98% of Clear Channel’s waste avoids landfills
  • 380+ street trees planted so far
  • 100% of our electricity comes from sustainable sources
  • Carbon footprint halved since 2008
  • Electric Vans operating in densely populated areas.
  • LED tube roll has reduced our electricity usage by 65%
Want to encourage recycling in your community?

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