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Effective Ways to Promote and Advertise a Local Attraction

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One of the main challenges that face those who organise and promote local events is how to spread the word about the event itself. In order for a local attraction to be successful, you need to appeal to people and get them through the doors – even if your event is free for attendees, effective advertising is required to ensure a healthy turnout. The Clear Channel team are going to detail the best ways to advertise your local attraction in order to achieve success.

Out-of-home advertising

Targeting potential visitors while they’re on their way to work or town is a proven, effective way of boosting business. Billboards, whether traditional or digital, can influence hundreds, if not thousands of people, depending on the size of the area you are advertising in and the precise location of the advertisement. The location part is crucial: it needs to be seen in order to be effective, so major roads or busy town centres are ideal places for your out of home advert.

Catching the eye of people on their commute is good – they might be on the bus, looking out the window, or they might glance at your campaign as they drive. In order to engage drivers, your advert needs to be impactful and distracting, but doesn’t take too long to read – design your campaign so it catches the eye and gets your message across succinctly and memorably.

Social media marketing

If billboards aren’t right for you, then don’t worry: you can push your event to people whilst they’re sat at home or at work. In our downtime, we often browse our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds to see what our friends, family and famous people have been up to. If you have followers already on these platforms: great, you can advertise to them as and when you like without having to pay for promotion. If you don’t have followers, you can utilise promoted posts to put yourself onto the timelines of social media users in your local area.


Word of mouth is a fantastic tool for spreading the word about anything; from a TV show to a new restaurant. Whether this word of mouth is people literally telling their friends about your attraction or leaving reviews on review sites, leaving a good impression on people will soon see them tell their friends. Trusted reviews sites are a very common way for people to assess whether a service or business is worth their time and money – if you perfect your attraction, you can ask people to leave a review on your particular review site. Leaving a link to the review site on your attraction’s website or social media profile will encourage prospective attendees to visit and look at your reviews. If they’re good, and you’ve already piqued the interest of those reading them, that’s all the encouragement they’ll need to stop by.

Advertising local attractions isn’t black and white; there are plenty of ways to do it, some more effective than others. Above are just a few that you can use to great effect. Clear Channel Direct are the specialists in providing outdoor advertising space for campaigns of all types by organisations of all sizes. For more information about how we can provide you with the perfect advertising platform, please get in touch with us today.

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