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West Midlands Police is the police force responsible for policing the West Midlands in England and  is the second-largest force in England behind the Metropolitan Police. This case study reveals how the West Midlands Police, Crimestoppers and Clear Channel Direct worked together to help reduce the amount of guns in Birmingham.

Category: Public Sector

Format used: Bus shelters & Storm (Super premium digital billboards)

Key result: 50% increase in calls to Crimestoppers

Client Objectives

Hilary Hopker, Communications Manager for West Midlands Police. “The objective of our gun crime campaign was ultimately to take guns off the streets of the West Midlands, which is very challenging. The way we wanted to do that was to get members of our community to give up information about firearms where they were and who had them to an anonymous crime reporting line called Crimestoppers.”

The Campaign

“The main reason we used Out of Home was to create a big and dramatic campaign across Birmingham. We wanted to be high profile. Out of Home and Clear Channel allowed us to be high profile.” Hilary Hopker.

West Midlands Police decided to use high impact sites in areas like the M6 and  bus shelters in smaller areas with specific communities they wanted to talk to.

The Results

“The campaign is something we are proud of at West Midlands Police. We doubled the amount of calls to Crimestoppers about gun crime. We don’t know yet whether this has led to guns directly coming off our streets but certainly the number of active guns in the West Midlands has fallen since the start of the campaign.

Our partners Crimestoppers have been overjoyed with us and certainly everyone at West Midlands Police has seen the benefit of not only working with Outdoor media, but with Clear Channel.”

To read the full case study please click here

Thank you to Hilary Hopker, Communications Manager at West Midlands Police. Follow West Midlands Police on Twitter @WMPolice or visit West Midlands Police

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