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Wales Millennium Centre

Case study
Wales Millennium Centre

As the National Arts Centre for Wales, Wales Millennium Centre is the cultural hub of the capital. As well as hosting world class entertainment, such as musicals, comedy nights and opera, the Centre works with young people and communities in Wales to provide unique experiences. Learn more about their work here

Category: Entertainment

Format used: Bus shelters & Billboards

Key result: Increased brand visibility

Client Objectives

“The process of booking outdoor sites with Clear Channel has always been very straightforward, to the extent that we tend to benchmark other outdoor companies against them.”

“From the helpfulness of our contacts in helping us identify the best sites, through the booking and sign-off process and ultimately the follow-up of photographs of the sites when they’ve gone ‘live’ has always been a very positive experience.” 

The Campaign

“For some productions it’s been about reaching high footfall and making sure the posters were placed in areas of heavy traffic to help drive sales; whereas for our creative learning / family activity campaigns, it has been more about being able to reach specific postcode areas that we want to raise our profile in and where we’d hope to improve our visibility.” 

“Unfortunately we are unable to measure this specifically as the Outdoor poster placement is usually part of a much broader show campaign, working alongside other channels to drive awareness and/or sales. So, isolating this one aspect in terms of driving sales or traffic to our website is not currently possible.”

The Results

“We see Outdoor advertising as hugely valuable though in terms of it raising the visibility of a particular product or our Creative Learning offering and rely as much on anecdotal responses from customers and staff as actual sales measurements (e.g. I’ve seen it everywhere!” comments).”

“Where budgets allow, I can see no reason for changing our approach in using Clear Channel as part of our wider show campaigns and to raise the profile of our Creative Learning programme where possible.” 

“We have always had a positive experience using Clear Channel’s services and where we are able to convince visiting show producers of the value of sites available to us, i’m sure we will be able to make the case for continuing to advertise with Clear Channel. 

Thanks again to Rachel Hanson, Head of Theatre Business Marketing at the Wales Millennium Centre. You can follow them on Twitter @theCentre and @YGanolfan or visit their website: www.wmc.org.uk

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