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The McIndoe Centre

Horder Mcindoe

The McIndoe Centre (part of the Horder Healthcare group) are a medical centre based in West Sussex specialising in cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and orthopaedic surgery.


Format used: Bus shelters

Key result: 20% increase in enquries

Client Objectives

“Our goal was to raise awareness and build a strong presence in our immediate area to promote our lesser known services.”

The Campaign

We decided to saturate the local area with advertising and selected a couple of well placed spots in Tunbridge Wells to start off with.

Nicola made sure that the booking process was explained clearly and always made herself available to answer any queries which was very reassuring! Nicola was also very flexible with the adshel, we could see exactly which spots we had and had the opportunity to chop and change to get the best visibility.”

The Results

“Year on year we saw a 20% increase in enquiries. It was great to see results so quickly and it just goes to show how powerful outdoor advertising is.

We are in the process of booking another three month campaign! It’s already proven to be such an effective medium and we are very happy with the response we have had from the campaign.”

Thanks again to Rowan Joseph-Lake, Marketing Lead at Horder Healthcare. Find out more about The McIndoe Centre’s services here & follow them: Facebook / Twitter

RowanJoseph LakefromHorderHealthcare
The McIndoe Centre advertising the surgery

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