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Strathclyde Sport

Case Study

The University of Strathclyde wanted to target students, staff and local businesses during the promotion of their new state of the art gym facility.

Category: Entertainment and Leisure

Format used: Adshel Live

Key result: Exceeded annual target for student memberships

Client Objectives

To target students and staff of the University, as well as local businesses, to promote the opening of their new state of the art gym facility.

The Campaign

Adshel Live panels were chosen in key locations, primarily on Cathedral Street near Central Station and George Square. This was due to the high footfall of students and staff along Cathedral Street, as well as the local businesses around George Square which could be targeted for corporate memberships.

The Results

“Our annual target for student memberships was exceeded within the first few weeks of opening and our new public membership has grown steadily. We have sold over 7000 memberships since opening in September 2018!”

Thanks to Sarah McPhie, Business Development Manager from Strathclyde for this case study.

Here’s her top tip for anyone new to Outdoor Advertising: Digital is excellent if your campaign may change at the last minute as you can update the artwork easily within a short time frame.

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