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Case study
Slough Borough Council Case Study

Slough Borough Council’s Community Safety Team tackles ‘Modern Slavery’ in the local area. This is an umbrella term that encompasses the offences of human trafficking and slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, as defined in the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Modern slavery frequently involves multiple victims, offenders and places; it is often hidden and may take place alongside a wide range of abuses and other criminal offences.

Category: Public Sector

Format used: Supermarkets & Adshel Live

Key result: 600% increase in opened cases

Client Objectives

The booking process was really straight forward.  We met once with the Business Development Manager to explain what we were looking for.  We discussed the options available and potential pricing, and then looked at what was available for the dates we requested.

The interactive map of available locations was sent to us so that we could choose our locations, and once they were chosen, the rest of the process was equally simple.

The Campaign

We looked at where particular communities may be more at risk of modern slavery practices, such as immigrant communities, and ensured translated posters were placed at the bus shelters there. These were interspersed with English posters.

The bus shelters were then complimented by bus advertising, social media  and other traditional PR methods.  We tried to ensure that we had coverage across the borough, which was easily achieved with the options given.

The Results

The number of contacts (calls, webforms and App submissions) increased by 400% from Quarter 3 (July to September) to Quarter 4 (October to December) 2018 [the campaign ran for 6 weeks from October]

The number of Modern Slavery cases opened during the 3 Quarters has remained consistent, however the number of Non-Modern Slavery cases opened has increased by 600% from 1 case being opened during Quarters 2 and 3 and 7 cases being opened during Quarter 4 2018.  Non-Modern Slavery cases can include (for example) smuggling situations (no forceful movements or control involved), commercial sex, forced marriage, violence and assault.  While these may not be directly related to modern slavery, it is positive that they are being reported somewhere, especially where they can receive an appropriate response for the individuals affected.

Helen’s Top Tip

Have an in-depth knowledge of the audiences you are targeting with your campaign and make sure your outdoor marketing is highly visible in areas where they live, shop and hang out to ensure that your messages are seen, and in a format they can understand. Local government and charities don’t have a big pot of money to do blanket advertising so it is really important that you have researched your audiences first.

Thanks again to Helen Buckland, Risk and Exploitation Co-ordinator at Slough Borough Council. You can follow them on Twitter @SloughCouncil or visit their website

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