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Shutterly Fabulous

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Shutterly Fabulous, based in Hove, specialise in top-quality plantation shutters to fit any internal space and every interior style.


Format used: Bus shelters

Key result: 22% conversion rate increase

The Booking Process

“Really supportive, we have particular geographical regions to target, such as Brighton and Nicola provided mapping and stats to support our decision making.”

The Campaign

“Target area of Brighton and Hove.  Clear channel offered the most prominent locations in high footfall areas where our target demographic frequent.”

The Results

During bus stop and billboard campaigns we saw site traffic in this region increase by 18% and order conversion by 22% which gives us a fantastic ROI on the spend.   

As we launch new territories Outdoor ads will be a key marketing channel to help us create awareness of our brand.”

Thanks again to Sam Tamlyn, General Manager at Shutterly Fabulous. Discover beautiful shutters for your home & follow Shutterly Fabulous on Facebook & Twitter.

Shutterly Fabulous advertising in Hove

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