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Party Delights

Case study
Party Delights

Party Delights is one of the UK’s largest online retailers of party supplies, fancy dress and personalised cards.

Category: Entertainment

Format used: Billboards

Key result: Increase in sales & brand awareness

Client Objectives

Party Delights wanted to gain more exposure in the UK by planning a targeted outdoor campaign at a specific time of the year.

“Although we were new to Out of Home advertising before our first campaign with Clear Channel, we were aware that we needed to run our advertisements at a time of year that would optimise campaign effectiveness.”

The Campaign

Claire Grasby at Party Delights worked with Clear Channel and selected billboards in high traffic areas of Manchester. “Being a company that specialises in party supplies and fancy dress, we made the decision to run our first campaign in line with Halloween. One of the main areas we focused our advertising in was Manchester. As well as it being Party Delight’s home town, it’s where a large proportion of our sales generate”

The Results

The results? – Great. We had never run a campaign on a scale like this. Not only did we see sales spikes in the cities in which we advertised (Manchester & London), our general brand awareness increased and we had brilliant growth.

One of the reasons we have such a great relationship with Clear Channel is because of our account manager, David. He has ensured that the whole process has been plain-sailing from the start. We trust him, knowing that he cares about the result of our campaign and so we follow his advice. In turn, we have very successful campaigns. The time when an issue did arise, which they do within business – David was immediately on the case and had the problem solved straight away.

Due to everything mentioned above, we have increased our investment to gain more exposure across the UK – with bookings for next year already.”

Thanks again to Claire Grasby, Head of Marketing – Party Delights. Hear all about them here @PartyDelightsUK or browse through their costumes www.partydelights.co.uk/!

PartyDelights sheetAdvertising
PartyDelights sheet

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