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One Agency

Case study
One Agency Case Study

One Agency is a full service media agency, based in Manchester. They offer creative, media and digital solutions for clients across the UK within a number of sectors, including Education, Legal, Retail and Telecoms.

Category: Agency

Format used: All

Key result: Reached client’s target audience

Client Objectives

“I have booked many Outdoor campaigns through Clear Channel for a wide variety of clients such as Schools, Festivals and Retail businesses; using a mixture of classic and digital formats.”

The Campaign

“Clear Channel are one of the most efficient Outdoor providers and are always very quick and easy to deal with.

Our Account Manager shows an excellent understanding of the SME and Public Sector Market, ensuring that our client’s campaigns reach their target audience in their desired geographical areas, cost effectively.”

The Results

“Clear Channel has a high-quality site portfolio with a national footprint with sites in high impact locations across the UK and access to a high level of audience planning tools.

As a result, Clear Channel will continue to feature as a significant part of our client’s strategies due to their audience and geographical targeting ability and high levels of customer service and accountability.”

Thanks again to Vickie Butterworth, Director at One Agency. You can follow One Agency on Twitter @OneAgencyMedia 

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