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Case Study
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Media Allies are an agency specialising in marketing services.

Thanks again to Rachel Jones, Director, Media Allies Agency. You can visit their website here.

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Key result: Happy clients

Client Objectives

Media Allies’ objectives are to obtain panels in the perfect locations to reach out to their client’s target markets.

The Campaign

I have booked various campaigns for a wide variety of clients including colleges, online casino and utilities, all with different objectives so panels have been chosen based on proximity to target audience  and geographical area.”

The Results

I find Clear Channel the easiest outdoor provider to deal with. They are very efficient, send me clear campaign detail and get information to me quickly. Clear Channel are definitely my “go to” for outdoor. 

I find outdoor the most effective form of advertising in the media mix with the ability to target audience and geographical area without wastage so it will therefore always be a big part of my marketing strategy.”

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