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Indigo Property Management

Case study
Indigo Property Management Billboard Advertising Hero

Established over 20 years ago, Indigo Property Management is a Sales & Lettings agency based in Woolwich which has recently expanded to three local branches, covering South London, South East London and North West Kent.

Category: Estate agents

Format used: Bus shelters, digital billboards & phoneboxes

Key result: Strengthened brand

Client Objectives

“We were approached by Clear Channel to help push the campaign in the nearby village and help market how we’ve moved up in the local area. When this outdoor advertising campaign was brought to me and looking at Clear Channel’s advertising locations and the type of customer that we target, it was very attractive.”

The Campaign

“It was very impressive that we had phone box posters outside our competitors with our brand showing people the way to our branch from their locations and various other locations in the immediate area. I was very impressed with the level of thought that went in behind every single decision which is part of the reason I was most attracted to it. Clear Channel were able to tell me more about the specific people seeing the advertising panels. We decided to advertise in some of the more prestigious drinking areas around here; we were going for a bit more of a ‘yuppie’ demographic audience.”

The Results

“We got a revival of the brand“.

“We managed to make the money back in the first quarter of the campaign so this part of the campaign is essentially a bonus.”

Thanks again to Jack Goodall, Office Manager at Indigo Property Management. You can follow Indigo on Twitter @IndigoPM or visit their website: www.indigoproperty.com


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