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Hawes & Curtis

Case study
Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis is retail chain which sells formal and casual clothing across key cities in the UK including London and Manchester.

Category: Fashion

Format used: Billboards & Phoneboxes

Key result: Strengthened brand & increased sales

Client Objectives

Anastasia Roumelioti, Head of Marketing at Hawes & Curtis worked with Clear Channel to create a Summer OOH campaign in London using billboard and phone box advertising to strengthen their brand during the Bank Holiday.

The Campaign

“Our OOH campaigns were designed with the customer walking journey in mind; where our target audience is at the time that the ad is being displayed and where they are going, what sort of mood they are (going to work, travelling home, etc) and what exactly we would like Hawes & Curtis to mean to them. Our number one priority is brand awareness and only by making sure that the ad is easily received by the audience we can ensure total recall.”

The Results

“We have seen an increase in footfall in our core stores in London during the Bank Holiday of May, when we traditionally were expecting to see less visitors. The overall summer campaign has delivered exceptional results and growth in sales, while the OOH campaign has assisted in the brand building strategy for Hawes & Curtis.

Our partnership with Clear Channel is ongoing and outdoor advertising has been proven to play an important role in our marketing mix.”

Thanks again to Anastasia. You can follow them on Twitter @HawesandCurtis or visit their website: www.hawesandcurtis.co.uk

Hawes & Curtis Bus Shelter
Hawes & Curtis Phonebox
Hawes & Curtis Billboard

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