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Case study
Creditfix Bus Stop Advertising Poster

One of the largest personal insolvency practices in the UK which has helped over 53,000 people with their debt. Creditfix provides an excellent level of support and care, ensuring that solutions to their customer’s financial issues are found as quickly as possible.

Category: Finance Sector

Format used: Bus shelters

Key result: Increased brand awareness

Client Objectives

“We had a strict criteria when choosing our potential sites, we looked at the top 20 postcodes that look for products directly in relation of dealing with debt. After conducting this research we wanted to pilot an outdoor media campaign in two of the prominent areas being Doncaster & Manchester.”

The Campaign

“We ran the first campaign in Doncaster and we also ran other campaigns alongside our outdoor campaign. We worked with the football team in the area and also ran a month long social media competition asking people to engage with our bus shelters for the chance to win a shopping voucher.”

The Results

“We noticed a 2% increase in our brand search in the specific region we were targeting. We also received 10 direct leads from our CTA (call-to-action) on the bus stops. The campaign worked well for us in increasing brand awareness in the target region. Our conversion rates for campaigns in the area increased by 5% based on traditional campaigns across similar regions.”

“Future plans – we see outdoor media as key to our marketing mix. It’s clear that it has a direct correlation to brand awareness and can greatly effect other campaigns when run alongside outdoor media.”

Thanks again to Taylor, Marketing Aquisition Manager at Creditfix. You can follow Creditfix on Twitter @creditfix_ltd or visit there website: www.creditfix.co.uk

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