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Bristol Community Health

Case study
Bus shelter advertising in Bristol

Bristol Community Health is a non-profit social enterprise that provides over 40 different NHS health services to people in Bristol. Their fantastic variety of services range from community nursing, physiotherapy, end of life care and many more.

Category: Healthcare

Format used: Bus shelters

Key result: 30 unique leads

Client Objectives

“We were able to be specific about the locations we wanted. Our goal was to target nurses working elsewhere in the city”.

The Campaign

Bristol Community Health selected a number of bus stop posters within close proximity to hospitals to reach their target audience, nurses.

“Overall booking process was very easy and clear cut. We liked the fact that we could see the precise locations our advertisements were going to be and that we had some flexibility in moving their locations.”

“We were happy with the response we got from the campaign.”

The Results

“Most traffic from the campaign was directed to a bespoke webpage, from which we received over 30 unique leads to follow up on. We ran two open days on the back of the campaign and received above average applications to our Community Nursing vacancies during the campaign duration.

“Outdoor advertising will always be in the conversation. We know its effectiveness and what it can offer as part of a wider brand awareness and recruitment campaign”.

Thanks again to Matthew Treasure, Resourcing Team Leader at Bristol Community Health. You can follow them on Twitter @BrisComHealth or visit their website: briscomhealth.org.uk/

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