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Bus stop advertising: Why it works

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Types of bus stop advertising

Before we look at why bus shelter advertising is so effective, it’s important to know that there’s two types; classic and digital or Adshel and Adshel Live as we brand it. Clear Channel has over 35,000 bus shelter advertisement sites and over 1,500 digital bus stop screens across the UK, covering most major towns and city centres. Now you know this, it’s also important to know that they are both unique in terms of what they can achieve for your campaign, depending on your campaign goals and how you use them.

How to use bus stop advertising

At Clear Channel, we build our client’s successful campaigns on the achievement of three fundamental pillars; Reach, Activation and Fame. Whether you Reach masses of people during an awareness campaign, target likely buyers to drive short-term purchases with Activation or achieve exclusivity and Fame through advertising on the most premium outdoor sites, each can be delivered through Out-of-Home advertising.

However bus stop advertising is an effective and special format as it enables your brand to achieve two of the campaign success pillars, Reach and Activation. Here’s how…

Adshel – Reach

Across the whole of the UK, Clear Channel’s bus stop advertisement network reaches an incredible 80% of the adult population (Source: Route 28). Whether you’re business is interested in advertising across the country or in a single town or city, the individual reach of Adshel allows your brand to be quickly introduced to huge numbers of local people, including current and future customers.

This means that you will reach people who are currently in the market for your service and also people who could potentially be in the market for you service in the future and, when they are, they will be predisposed into choosing your brand.

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Adshel Live – Activation

Digital bus shelter screens are perfect for targeting people who are likely to be in the market for your service and due to their innovative high street presence and digital flexibility, they are effective in driving short-term purchases.

Activation is all about what makes people act upon an ad and we know that consumers will only act upon an ad if they are motivated and have the ability to do so. With digital bus stop screens you can do exactly this due to their premium retail locations and the freedom to create live, interactive ads. For example, if your store is located on a local high street, you could advertise an offer and display a live map on screen, directing customers to your store; motivating people with your offer and giving them the ability to make a purchase by telling them exactly where to go.

Adshel Live

Clear Channel has over 1,500 digital bus stops across the UK and commits to have 2,500 by the end of 2019. This vast national network has a weekly adult reach of 24% and is seen 12.7 million times per day; making this the UK’s largest Digital Out-of-Home network.

Bus stop advertising near me

There’s two ways of searching for bus stop advertisement sites. We can list all 34,000+ advertising locations or you can simply search your town, city or postcode via our interactive Poster Search below. The choice is yours!

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